When you find your hair loss is seriously, it is better to search for a good toupee, a comfortable and natual looking toupee is very important, it will help you feel confidence when in important occasions.
There are many kinds of toupee in diffetent base and details, for the first hair loss user, it is suggest to choose lace toupee if it is in summer, Swiss or France toupee is a good choice, it is ventilate and light in weight. For natural hair line, it is suggest to choose pu toupee, one toupee name Mirage is really perfect, the thickness is only 0.02 to 0.04mm, wear with comfortable feeling.
Dont worry your hair will loss all the time, it is just a stage, and you just need one toupee for help.
Many men find their hair loss slows down or stops for no apparent reason at a certain age anyway.