It is a big topic about how to be more elegant, lady would has her different beauty at each of her age, but no lady would refuse the word ” elegant”, especially in import occasions.


People judge you at the first sight of your face and dressing, how to be elegant?


Do it from small things:

First tip for young lady, to choose good quality beauty goods, for example, to choose quality eyelash to make your eyes look charming.

There are many kinds of false eyelash: silk synthetic eyelash extensions, mink strip lashes, mega volume lashes, magnet lashes, ect.

Young ladies are suggested to choose the lashes with length about 12mm to 16mm, long lashes match their vivacious and graceful characters.


Second tip for middle-aged ladies, to choose quality hair wig. A good wig makes a lady looks younger and improves her beauty, ladies looks big difference when wear different wigs, some wigs may bring big surprise to a lady, to make her elegant, in the meantime, confident. There are many styles of wigs, choose the styles you like as well as with natural hairline looking.

Some knowledge about the material of wigs, synthetic wigs, real human hair wigs of full lace wigs, lace front wigs ect.


Various of eyelashes and wigs are on sale in, choose the right one for yourself, and the professional saleslady will offer you best suggestions too.