The Wig Market

With a long history of development, the wig market has maintained a high degree of activity and its demand is still growing at an annual rate of 20%, which has become one of the biggest international FMCG industries. North America is the world’s largest hair consumer market, which digests 62% of the global wig product.

However, what many people do not know is that throughout the North American market, South Korea’s hair industry makes up for 90% of the market share.
It has become a veritable monopoly industry.


Factory → Wholesalers at all levels → Distributors at all levels → Terminal consumer
Over the years, the Korean wig industry has matured in the North American market with structures like this. But such a complex chain ends up with a very high terminal price which is 300%-400% of the factory price. Nevertheless, single channel coupled with a stable operating chain in South Korea for many years, the South Korean Wig industry has been standing out from others.

However, with the development of the times, especially in recent years with the rise of cross-border e-commerce, this pattern is gradually being broken.
Factory → terminal consumer. This new pattern is the innovation brought about by the rise of cross-border e-commerce.
Opening up the middle channel and integrating wig and beauty industry chains, so that terminal consumers can be face-to-face with the factory directly and make clear demands to get their most needed products at the lowest cost.

Raw Material Selection
In America, human hair is much more welcomed than feather hair, chemical fiber hair, blend hair, etc.
Human Hair products have always been the best sellers. However, the quality can be very different due to different providers.
Remy hair hair bundles are cut straight from women. They have a natural texture that’s smooth and soft.
Some business blend remy hair with other types of hairs in order to make more profit—it is hard to tell after proper processing.
Goodyard materials are procured by trusted human hair providers, with which we have years of cooperation. Each batch is equipped with professional identification and screening to ensure the quality of human hair materials.

Our Plans:

In order to provide high-quality and inexpensive products for people in need of hair and beauty products in a timely manner:

  • Integrated Supply Chain:

We will coordinate with reputable hair providers in Mainland China and maintain a deep cooperation, focusing on raw material selection to production, in order to  outperform industry standards.

  • Cooperation with big B2C platforms:

Contact with online B2C platforms in North America, eliminate the need for middleman, lower cost and improve terminal consumer experience.

  • Establish U.S. and European warehouse systems to meet with logistic, per-sale, after-sale needs.

Hair products have always represented health and beauty. We hope that through our efforts we can provide inexpensive goods to the global market and help more businesses obtain first hand resources.

Strict process controls while providing the best customer service,Goodyard is prepared to speak for the China Wig Industry.

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