Hair loss is a worldwide phenomenon and according to a recent survey affects approximately forty million people in the USA alone. Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding hair loss and its cure. The good news is that with proper care; this condition is generally curable. New Generation hair care products have evolved as a globally recognized successful treatment for preventing hair loss.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices as well as medical conditions can contribute to hair loss, however with proper care, and if necessary proper medical attention, it can be reversible. A frustrating and sometimes embarrassing problem, hair loss can be caused or amplified by many physical conditions such as;

– Anemia – Thyroid Malfunction – Medications – Scalp Inflammations (Eczema, Seborrhea and Psoriasis) – Fungal and Bacterial Infections – Hair Trauma, such as tight hair bands, caps, cornrows or braids – Stress – Smoking – Poor Nutrition


It is important to select a hair care system that will address your particular needs directly and provide an effective solution. New Generation’s team of experts developed an extremely versatile solution that can address one or more conditions contributing to hair loss. This formula has been used worldwide to effectively treat hair loss and improve hair growth.

Understanding and sympathetic to the different hair care needs of men and women, New Generation has developed products with these distinctive needs specifically in mind. All New Generation products have been laboratory tested and proven to be an effective hair loss prevention system by following a few simple instructions. The New Generation Hair Care products are free from side effects, replenishing the scalp and the hair naturally.

New Generation has vast experience in the field of hair care products, developing formulas through extensive research using the most effective natural ingredients without the addition of chemical ingredients. Hair care products containing strong and harsh chemicals can do damage to healthy scalp and hair, and threaten even more damage to the compromised scalp, hair and follicle. The strong chemical composition can rob the scalp of vital nutrients and result in hair thinning and in long term, even permanent hair loss. Fortunately, New Generation hair care products offer a natural hair loss prevention system that is derived from natural herbal ingredients and offer a mild, soothing treatment for your hair.

Recognizing the value of and developing relationships with our customers for three decades, New Generation is recognized as both an industry leader in effective hair loss products and in customer service around the world.