Various products category: Ranging from kinds of hair extensions, toppers, wigs,  men’s hair replacement to eyelashes, satisfy all the demands from any salons.

High quality guarantee: With the support of our own manufacturing, QC and R&D are our opportunity to compete in the market.



Customized flexible supply chains, 50% based on goodyard standard, 50% depends on customized request.


Custom color:

Goodyard provide 30 basic solid colors for normal orders. Customized colors are acceptable, including blend, highlight, ombre and rooted colors. If these colors cannot match up to your clients, please send your own color swatch for reference.


Custom package:

The high quality products deserve a luxury package . If you need a perfect package with own logo to expand your brand, GOODYARD will provide logo design for free.


Localization service:

Goodyard branch office located in California U.S.A. support for sample testing, inventory ready for shipment, professional customer consultant.


Training institution:

In order to help each customers to have a happy experience in.

The salon, Goodyard are planning to open training institutions.

To instruct the stylist the knowledge of application, style, treatment and so on.