You miss long hair when it’s short?

You will be unhappy when the hair shedding?

You want colorful hair but don’t want to use chemical hair dye?

You are too busy to go to the salon for hairdressing strand by strand?

… …

… …

Now, let’s pack up the troubles and enjoy our new designed hair extension!!!

This is a new designed Flip in Hair with lace edge. It is becoming the most amazing, fun and innovative products you will love to wear!

It can make your hair thicker when wearing it around the head, especially the raised wavy layer.

Comparing with the clip in extension, keratin bonded hair extensions and Tape hair extensions, the Flip in Hair are amazing in high quality, the simplest and quickest extensions to apply.

Each Flip in Hair has an adjustable, durable, soft and transparent miracle wire, like a fishing line. Just go ahead and wear it by placing the miracle wire in front of your head and with your own hair pulled through. You will quickly discover why the Flip in hair is an award winning design, and the durable miracle wire comes with a lifetime warranty too. Don’t worry that you will feel the wire cutting in to the top of your scalp when wearing them for long time, as the wire is very soft and flexible, you even cannot feel the existing of the wire when wearing it on your own hair.

With our innovative Flip in Hair, every customer can be sure that their hair will be a perfect fit every time!!!