Lace Closure:A lace closure is mainly used for covering bald areas on the top of head. It is the best choice for changing hairstyles temporarily. While trying to cover bald areas, you can use specialized glue to overlap the edge of lace closure with the that of the bald area, and then adjust the lace closure correspondingly before the glue dries. Finally, you should comb the hair on lace closure with your own hair together to make them overlapped, which then will bring about appearance of real hair.


Lace Front: Lace Front means covering the front part of head. It offers a variety of colors and hairstyles. Generally speaking, you can wear it whether you have much hair or not. Thanks to its various choices in color and style, Lace Front’s products would become the focus both in daily life or at parties. Lace Front creates verisimilar hair and enables you to handle your hairline as you like, which brings a quite natural effect. In general, you can wear Lace Front with a mesh cap and hairpin, or with a mesh cap and glue.

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You can try Lace Front, if you lack hair partially or just use it as functional product. Furthermore, you can also try it, if you want yo change your hairstyle frequently.

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