Add instant length, volume and color to your hair with ease. Clip-in hair extensions are a simple do-it-yourself technique that anyone can do. They can make your hair appear longer and thicker in just a few minutes.

The clips on traditional clip in hair extensions are sewn on to the wefts, which may take some time when you want to add or remove them. You could also end up tearing the weft if you do not apply it with professional care. That’s why the revolutionary new clip in hair extensions with detachable clips is becoming more and more popular recently.

Not like the traditional clip in hair extensions, these unique extensions are weft to a special Velcro material, which is soft and comfortable thus, still can hold the special clips without any sewing process. There is also a Velcro material attached at the back of the clips making sure they can be firmly attached to the wefts.

Simply take the clips off or add them on when you want to change, no need for the use of threads or needles, which would be super convenient when you are travelling or in a situation without the available use of a thread.

If you want to take part in one of the hottest trends in fashion then don’t wait, try this unique new clip in hair at once and add exciting colors, textures and highlights to your hair!