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Choosing the Right Hair System Color Tips and Techniques

Precision in color matching transcends mere appearance—it’s about achieving a seamlessly natural look. Picture strolling down the street without anyone suspecting you’re wearing a custom hair systems—that’s the ultimate objective.

Attaining this level of imperceptibility requires meticulous attention to detail. From precisely matching shades to incorporating subtle highlights, every element contributes to crafting a flawless, natural appearance. Thus, precision is undeniably crucial if you aim to exude confidence while sporting your hair system.

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Today we will talk about some tips and techniques for you, hope helpful for you to choose the right hair system color for your clients.

What you need to know before choose the right color

We gotta really check out what’s going on with the client’s natural hair color and texture. I’m not talking about just a quick peek—it’s all about digging deep and understanding every little detail.

Like, is their hair a warm chestnut brown or more of a cool ash blonde? And is it poker straight or got some bouncy curls? These tiny deets are gonna help us pick out the perfect shade and texture for their hair system, so it looks like it’s always been a part of their head.

Choosing the perfect hair color is a delicate balance; a misstep can lead to a total disaster. It’s essential to ensure harmony between hair and skin tones, avoiding clashes like oil and water.

We meticulously examine their skin, considering whether warm undertones complement golden hues or if cooler undertones suit ashy tones better. Understanding these nuances is vital to selecting a hair color that not only harmonizes but also enhances their overall look.

And last, we need to understand what they’re aiming for with this hair system. Do they want a subtle change, just enhancing what they’ve already got? Or maybe they’re ready to go all out with a bold new look?

And hey, what’s their vibe—do they wanna keep it sleek and polished, or are they more into that tousled, textured look? By getting all this info, we can tailor-make the color matching process to fit them like a glove, making sure they leave feeling like a million bucks.

Techniques for Achieving a Perfect Color Match

Let’s get started by digging into our color matching toolkit. You know, those trusty color swatches, charts, and samples? They’re our go-to buddies in finding that perfect shade. We’ll compare them against the client’s natural hair, really paying attention to the details.

Custom blending. Sometimes, the exact shade we need isn’t just sitting on the shelf. Nope, we’ve gotta get creative. By mixing different colors and tones, we’ll whip up a unique shade tailored just for the client. It’s like cooking up a potion for hair. It’ll be a showstopper—a hair system made just for them.

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And let’s not forget about lighting. Ever tried color matching in dim lighting? Yes, it will be a disaster to happen. That’s why we need to be light experts, testing our colors under every possible scenario. Natural light, fluorescent bulbs, even candlelight—we don’t miss a thing. Because what looks perfect in one light might not in another. So, by covering all bases, we’re ensuring our color match stands strong no matter where our client goes.

Use your supplier color ring

Using the supplier’s color ring is crucial for getting the right color for your client’s hair system. It’s like having a big palette with lots of colors to choose from. You can find the perfect match by comparing these colors to your client’s hair in different lights.


This way, you make sure the hair system blends seamlessly and looks natural. The color ring lets you examine every detail carefully. It’s a super useful tool that helps you pick the best color for your client’s hair system. And when you get it right, your client’s gonna love their new look even more!


Choosing the right hair system color is an art that requires precision and attention to detail. It’s not just about matching shades but creating a seamless, natural look that boosts confidence. By understanding the client’s natural hair color, skin tones, and desired style, we can tailor-make the perfect match.

Through a combination of careful examination, color blending techniques, and expert lighting evaluation, we ensure that every hair system seamlessly integrates with the client’s appearance. With these tips and techniques in mind, achieving a flawless color match becomes not just a goal, but a guarantee of satisfaction and confidence for our clients.

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Since 1984, Goodyard has been dedicated to the hair industry, serving as expert wholesale hair suppliers. Should you have any inquiries or uncertainties regarding selecting the ideal hair system color or wholesale hair extensions color for your customers, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our proficient customer service team and skilled color matching professionals are here to provide you with professional assistance and address all your queries.


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