Braids are quite easy and so pleasant way to forget about hair styling for months, give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. Besides, with awesome hairstyles listed below you will attract attention, admiring glances and sincere smiles.


In Valentino shows, the thick side braids add more glamour to the beautiful models.


Mousse is a helpful tool to create a bun well. Putting some mousse in the hair, and it makes you easier to shape it into a particular and perfect style.


Weave a punk style pigtail in the back, and tower your hair in the top.


Make pigtails into a rose shape in the back, then you’ll look like a rock princess.


Hairstyles in the show win a lot of praise. This braid bun designed with two ball-flowers is a quite attractive hairstyle.


If you do not have a long hair, please do not worry. Goodyard ponytail products can also have you gain the same effect of the above hairstyles.


A ponytail extension allows the wearer to have the ability to instantly create a long, elegant hair style even if they have short hair at the moment. Ponytail extensions come in different styles, length, textures, and colors. Some of them are made from real human hair and other types are made from synthetic hair.