Braided hairstyles are not only cute but alsopretty and feminine. From side braidsall the way to the classic French braid.

There are several braid hairstyles that not only look awesome but are easy to do by yourself. There are rope braids, UK braids and herringbone braids. Here (below) we show you types of popular braid hairstyles. Learn how to get your style in time forSpring 2013.

braid hair - side braids

Side braids

braid hair - French braids

French braids

braid hair - rope braids

Rope braids

braid hair - UK braids

UK braids

braid hair - herringbone braids

Herringbone braids

braid hair - four-strand-braid

4-Strand Braids

braid hair - Lace Braid

Lace Braid

braid hair - Crown Braid

Crown Braid