Outside of the beauty circle, keratin bond hair extension is not commonly known by people. If you want to try it, you must be curious about keratin bond hair extensions, huh? Well, today, you’ve come to the right place! These babies are all the rage in the hair world, and for good reason. But before you dive in, let’s break it all down, shall we?


What Are Keratin Bond Extensions?

Let’s start with the knowing the basic knowledge of this type of hair extension. Keratin bond extension is also known as fusion extension. It’s a kind of hair extension that is like little strands of magic that get attached to your natural hair. It uses a special bonding agent called keratin to fuse them together. This kind of hair extension could give you a long and luscious look you’ve been dreaming of.


Definition and explanation of keratin hair extensions:

You want me to explain this to you? Ok, picture this – It’s tiny strands of hair bonded to your natural hair. And why it’s called keratin hair extension? Ok, it uses a special protein called keratin. It’s like a match made in hair heaven!

How they are attached to natural hair:

Okay, after knowing what is keratin hair extension, it’s time to know how to attach it to your natural hair. Here is how to do it: First, you would need a stylist, and your stylist would take a small section of your hair, put it between two keratin bonds, and then heat them up with a special tool. Boom! Instant length and volume.

Benefits of keratin bond extensions:

Get ready for some serious perks. These extensions give you extra length, volume, and thickness without any of the hassle. Plus, they look totally natural and last for ages.

How Long Do Keratin Bond Extensions Last?

Now, you might be wondering how long this kind of hair extension would last. Well, here are the average lifespan and influencing factors you should kmow.


Average lifespan of keratin bond extensions:

Goodyard hair keratin bond extensions have a lifespan more than six months. And also can reused.

Factors affecting lifespan:

Are you wondering that why some keratin bond extension can last six months and some can only last three month? Well, the frequency of brushing, washing and heat styling can affect the lifespan. What’s more, the place you wear your extensions and the weather in your place can also give a play.

Maintenance tips to prolong lifespan:

Do you want your keratin bond extension to last longer? Ok, listen carefully to my tips – only use sulfate-free hair products, reduce the frquency of brushing, washing and heat styling and avoid direct contact with rain and sunlight. Then they will stick around for a longer time.

The Cost:
We have competitive wholesale keratin bond extension and with high quality.

Pricing range for keratin bond extensions:

The price of keratin bond extension can vary depending on where you live and the quality of the extensions. But on average, they are at a few hundred to a couple of grand.


Factors influencing cost:

The quality of the keratin bond extension, the quantity you want to buy, and salon expertise you are expecting all play a role in how much you’ll pay for your extensions. It’s like the old saying goes – you get what you pay for.

Aftercare and Removal

This would influence the lifespan of your extension. Taking care of your extensions is key to keeping them looking fab.

Importance of proper aftercare for maintaining extensions:

Treat your extensions like the queens they are. That means using gentle products, avoiding heat, and scheduling regular maintenance appointments.

Recommended care routine and products:

Think of your extensions as delicate flowers that need a little extra care. Invest in some high-quality hair care products and give them the royal treatment.

Process of extension removal and potential damage risks:

When it’s time to say goodbye to your extensions, leave it to the pros. Trying to remove them yourself can result in damage to your natural hair, and nobody wants that.

Potential Side Effects

Now, before you make a purchase, I also want to warn you that it’s important to know the risks.

Rare risks associated with keratin bond extensions:

While rare, there’s a chance you could experience some hair breakage or scalp irritation. But don’t worry – these side effects are usually temporary and can be minimized with proper care.

Precautions and considerations for minimizing risks:

Play it safe and do your research before committing to extensions. Make sure you’re going to a reputable salon and following all aftercare instructions to a T.

Comparison with Other Extension Types:


How do keratin bond extensions stack up against the competition? Let’s find out.

Overview of keratin bond extensions vs. other types:

Unlike wholesale clip-ins or wholesale tape-ins hair extensions, keratin bond extension is more secure and has a more natural appearance. What’s more, keratin bond extension lasts way longer. If you don’t mind spending more money, this type of hair extension is your first choice.

Popularity of keratin bond extensions in the industry:

These days, keratin bond extension is gaining more popularity nowsadays. Although it’s still not very popular outside of the beauty circle, it’s name is known by more and more people.

Especially Good for People Who Are Suffering Hair Loss:
If you’re struggling with hair loss, keratin bond extension is your first choice. Really, it could be a game-changer and make a huge difference to your life.


So, there you have it – everything you need to know about keratin bond extension. It’s definitely a kind of hair extension that you can trust, especially for people who are suffering hair loss. Whether you’re looking to add some length, volume, or just a little extra oomph to your hair, or you are hair salon, or you want do hair business, welcome to our wholesale hair factory.

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