Building and maintaining a successful lash business is no easy feat. Finding new clients is one thing, but turning them into repeat customers is a whole different strategy. Read on for our seven favorite tips to keeping your lash clients!


Reschedule at Each Appointment

Pinning down a fill or follow-up appointment in person is key. So often, clients forget to schedule over the phone or online and then end up falling through the cracks. Be as visual as possible when doing this and show your clients your calendar and let them choose the date.


Follow Up

If there’s a client you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile, reach out to them! Sometimes the lack of a follow up appointment are purely because the client forgot or became too busy to contact you. If there’s a reason for them not returning, listen! Which leads us too…


Listen to Feedback

Whether it be good or bad, listen to your feedback. For the things you get praised on, keep up the good work! But, it’s vital to pay attention to negative feedback. It may sting, but turn the negative feedback into positive action. Constantly improving your technique and business practices will keep your clients coming back for more.


Make Clients Feel Important

Treat every client with respect and kindness while still giving each person a unique experience. Whether it’s remembering their favorite Pandora station to play during the appointment or remembering details about their life, they’ll notice the effort and keep coming back for more. You can even create some awesome friendships through lashing!


Give Loyalty Perks

Give your clients a reason to keep coming back through loyalty perks. You can decide which works best for your clientele and business, but things like a punch card, a free fill after every 10, etc. are great ways to show your clients you appreciate your business. It also gives them incentive to stay loyal with one lash artist-YOU!


Be Transparent

Let your clients know the state of their eyelashes, how to care for their lashes, etc. If a client wants a very dramatic look but their natural lashes can’t handle the weight, let them know! Being honest and working through problems together will create a good artist-client relationship. The healthier their lashes look and feel, the happier the client will be!


Be the Best, Use the Best

Never stop learning and improving your skills. Your clients will notice your effort and determination and come back for more. Also, make sure you are only using the highest quality materials so your clients have the prettiest lashes possible!



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