We all know that the usual things that affect our hair like heat styling and colouring, but there are other things affecting our hair that you’d not even expecting.


About 2 months ago, I was sitting in the chair at my hairdresser about to get my hair cut. I mentioned I was worried about the damage at the ends of my hair. I’ve been trying hard to grow my hair long again and I thought I was doing all the right things. I couldn’t figure out why I had so much damage at the ends of my hair.


Then my hairdresser asked me an unusual question, “Which side do you wear your handbag?”


It’s a common a problem that she sees all the time but it never occurred to me. I was always catching my hair under my hair bag strap and the pulling and tearing was causing breakage. Since then, I take care to try and move my hair out of the way. I also switch up which shoulder I’m carrying my bag on so at least the damage is equal.



So of course the first thing on my list that is unexpectedly damaging your hair is your handbag.


If your hair is past shoulder length, you’ll know the pain of getting your hair caught under your handbag strap. Take care when using your bag and make sure that it’s not pulling at your hair.



The second thing that’s unexpectedly damaging your hair is your hands.


If you’re a chronic hair twirler, like me, you’ll find that you’re doing it unconsciously. All that twirling of hair stretches it and causes more breakage. Plus just think about all the dirt from your hands going on to your hair. This means you have to wash it more often as well.


And it may not even be your hands doing the damage. I was chatting to a girlfriend last week who said that her baby is now pulling at her hair all the time and she’s now always having to wear her hair up.

It’s hard to keep little ones hands away, but try and keep your hands out of your hair to prevent any damage.


Hair Romance – 3 Unexpected Things That Are Damaging Your Hair



The third thing causing unexpected damage to your hair is your ponytail.


A ponytail is an easy go-to hairstyle but wearing your hair in same tight upstyle everyday is causing damage. If your ponytail is very tight, it puts pressure on the roots of your hair and can cause hair loss known as traction alopecia. Luckily this hair loss is not permanent but it can be pretty obvious and difficult to deal with.


As well as hair loss, there’s also damage caused around your hair elastic. Wearing your hair in the same style every day puts pressure on that hair and you’ll end up with breakage around your hair elastic.


The solution to this is pretty simple – just switch up your hairstyle and move that ponytail up or down to even out the pressure on your hair.