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Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Lace cap is a special hood made on a transparent lace base. Lace cap is a real hair in the transparent lace at the end by a professional technician with hand-woven. The general production of full lace wig is about 7 to 15 days. Full lace are expensive wig. The full lace wig is moderately durable in time. For example, the wearer can take a bath, swim, and can

wear it to participate in strenuous sports.


Full lace wig are generally made with Indian hair or the Chinese hair to do with the hair material, mesh cap is generally 64 # net and it is pure Swiss imports net hat, this mesh material is characterized by relatively detailed network port, and more durable , The disadvantage is higher hardness. There are four general colors: transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown to suit the skin color of different customers.


How to wear a full lace wig:

1 First, there is a stretch of the net side of the side down, the other one up.

2 With elastic band over there to suppress their own fortune, do not let their true hair ran out, the other side up, put his hair tiled inside the hair net, so as not to wear a headgear will be uneven.

3 The hair evenly tiled in the hair inside the network, the top port at the top of the mouth like, do not need special fixed. : Headgear wear from front to back, and then adjust the back of the inside of the two size adjustment buckle, two buckle in the middle there is a strip of cloth on a number of small lattice, according to their head size need to adjust the buckle Into the can.

4 Bangs free to get naturally can. : To find the temples have two small salient, this is to check the location of the worn headgear is, with your thumb and index finger pinch, pull down and may be appropriate to adjust the position of the headgear.

5 Wear is complete, you can grab a few head cap, get fluffy.

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How to care for the wig

Wigs are generally cleaned once every 3-7 days. Before washing, first use coarse tooth soft brush or comb tooth comb lightly from top to bottom, the dirt, dust, scrub clean. Then put the head cover into the detergent dissolved in warm water (water temperature 25-30 ℃) soak for 10 minutes, then gently wash your head with a hand rinse.



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