Wigs have been an indispensable part for many years. They allow individuals to transform their hair and look without making permanent changes.
In nowadays market, you basically have two options: human hair wigs and synthetic ones. Each of them has its flaws and virtues.

Today, I’m gonna help you in choosing your wig.

Human Hair Wigs

You know those human hair wigs? Well, they’re the best kind of wig. Made from actual human hair, they can fit your head seamlessly and they can also look totally natural, like it’s your own hair. And here’s another kicker: you can find them in a whole bunch of different textures and styles. Although the price is a little expensive, there is a way to buy them in competitive price: becoming our wholesale human hair wig customer.

13x4 Brown Balayage Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig


Styling Versatility:

It is one of the shining points of human hair wigs. From sleek and straight appearance to curly and voluminous one, the styling possibilities are never going to stop. This point allows you to make your desired look with your own hands.

Texture Variety:
Human hair wigs are made from real human hair. So they have many kinds of textures. Whether you want super smooth style or rough style, you can always find one.

Better Durability:
Human hair wigs are much tougher than synthetic ones. If you give them regular, proper care, they can last for years.

More Natural:
The natural appearance is the biggest advantage of human hair wigs. If you know how to take care of them and how to wear them properly, people won’t even notice that you are wearing a wig.


High Maintenance Cost
However, there are still some drawbacks of human hair wigs. High maintenance costs are one such consideration. If you want to keep your human hair wigs in the best situation. you need to do styling, washing, and conditioning regualrly, which could cost extra money.

Brunette Balayage Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig 2

Sensitive To Weather

Additionally, human hair wigs are sensitive to weather conditions. Humidity, in particular, can cause human hair wigs to frizz or lose their shape, requiring additional styling to restore their appearance.

Easy to Fade
Furthermore, it’s not easy for human hair wigs to stay in their original color for a long time. If exposed to sunlight or harsh chemicals, they will fade even quicker . So you may need to dye your human hair wig to keep it in the color you like.

More Fragile
Made from real human hair, human hair wigs are more fragile compared to synthetic ones. If you want to wear it everyday, human hair wig is not your ideal kind of wig.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wig is usually made of synthetic fiber such as polyester and acrylic. It enjoys virtues such as convenience, affordability and a broad range of style choices. Plus, for those who want a practical, cost-effective and versatile wig, maybe synthetic wig is their best choice.

Hard Front Half Silver and Half Black Long Straight Synthetic Wig 2


Easy to Care
Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic ones only need litttle maintenance. Even if you don’t take care of them at all, they can also remain in a good state for quiet some time.

Have Style Memory

Synthetic wigs have style memory. This means they can maintain their original style, eliminating the need for daily restyling. This feature ensures that wearers can enjoy consistent and hassle-free hairstyles with minimal effort. What’s more, they can even retain their style and shape even after washing.

Larger Color Selection

Additionally, the color selection of synthetic wigs is larger. Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic ones can be customized in any color you like beforehand, even some unusual colors. This allows individuals to try different hues and shades without waiting.

Blue Pink Bunches Long Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig  Harley Quinn1

Cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage of synthetic wig. The price of synthetic wig is usually 60 or 70 percent lower than that of human hair wigs, making it more appealing to consumers. If you want to a lower price, becoming our wholesale synthetic wig partner is your best option.

Low Maintenance Cost
Low maintenance costs make synthetic wigs even more affordable. Without going to a salon or visiting a specialist, they only need few styling products. And it’s not hard for you to do it at your home.


Less Versatility
Despite all of the benefits of synthetic wigs, they are not perfect. Due to the material they are made of, some tools such as heat styling tools can damage them. Because synthetic fibers would be melted in this process. As a result, they offer less versatility in styling compared to human hair wigs.

Not so Natural
The synthetic nature of these wigs also means they may lack the natural appearance and movement of human hair, leading to a slightly artificial look.

Shorter Longevity
Speaking of longevity, synthetic wigs are usually shorter than human hair wigs. Even if you care them regularly, synthetic fibers would also fray or lose their luster over a few months.

How to Choose Between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs

Factors that should be considered:

– Price:
– Style
– Maintenance Preferences
– Intended Usage

Think of these factors carefully before you make your decision.


Human hair wigs can give you the most natural feeling and offer a broad range of versatility.

As for synthetic wigs, they are hassle-free, easier to buy and have all sorts of funky colors. And most importantly, they are more affordable.

To be honest, there’s no one-size-fits-all wig in the world. If you want to have your own perfect wig, consider your condition carefully before making decision.

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Thanks for reading. I wish this article can help you in choosing your wig.