As makeup can disguise some defects, hairstyles can also do this as well. Suitable hairstyles can modify your face, whether you want to make your face look smaller, more stereo, hairstyles can give you a lot of help. Here are some hairstyles that can make your face look smaller, and even 10 pounds thinner. Then how do they work? Please read on.


Choose hairstyles that have textures. Too thick and straight hair can make the face look rounder.

Light color hair

Light color hair will bring the attention to the vertical direction, which makes the face look smaller. The key is choosing a light color on the top of the head, and dark color on the end of the hair. Such as ombre color hairstyles.

Long hair

When you hesitate between long hair and short hair, professional hairdresser Edward Tricomi advices you choose the long hair. Because long hair can make your face look longer. If you don’t have long hair now, then the hair extension is a good choice for you.

Thin bangs

Thick neat bang will make the face more round. Experts advise that neat bang with layer long hair is a good match. If you’d like to cut a thin bang, then look out that your bang should be shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. Then thin face effect will be achieved.

Side parting

Side-part hairstyle as Kerry Washington can soften your face line, and the asymmetry would make the face not look too round.

High updo

High updo as Ashlee Sinpson will lengthen the face and let the attention on higher place of the face.