Hey there, welcome to the awesome world of hair system! If you are choosing your own hair system, you probably heard about ”lace” and ”skin” types. But what do the two terms mean? And why should we know about their differences before making descision?

Let’s dig into that today. When it comes to hair systems, lace and skin ones are the main part. And it’s kinda important to know what sets them apart.

Choosing between lace and skin hair systems is not only about what you like; it’s also about finding what type works best for your lifestyle, and the purpose of wearing them.

After analyzing in an objective way, you can make a smart choice that gives you perfect looking and feeling and keeps your hair system with you for a longer time.

Lace Hair System

Let’s kick things off with lace hair systems. Picture this: lace is a lightweight material commonly used in the construction of these systems. It feels like wearing nothing at all. If it’s your first time to wear it, it’s really suitable to you as a beginners.

lace hair system

1.Description of Lace Material

Lace is a delicate fabric. And it’s characterized by its intricate pattern of holes. This material is renowned for its lightweight and breathable qualities, making it an ideal choice for hair systems. Lace allows for excellent airflow to the scalp, preventing heat buildup and ensuring comfort, especially useful during summer.

2. Comfort and Lightweight Feel

One of the standout features of lace hair systems is their unparalleled comfort and lightweight feel. The sheer nature of lace creates a barely-there sensation. It makes wearers forget they’re even wearing a hair system. If you have a weak neck, try this, it won’t let you down.

3. Knotting Method of Lace Hair System

The knotting method used in lace hair systems contributes to their natural appearance and versatility. Single, double, or even triple knots are meticulously hand-tied to the lace base, allowing for realistic hair movement and parting operations. This knotting technique can make your hair looks like to be growing directly from the scalp.

Skin Hair Systems

Now, let’s turn our attention to skin hair systems. Unlike lace systems, skin systems are constructed with a thin layer of polyurethane or silicone material that closely resembles the texture and appearance of human skin. It could give you a pretty natural appearance.

Skin Base Hair Systems

1. Description of Skin Hair System

The balance of longevity, appearance and feel makes skin hair systems known in the beauty circle. The thin and flexible base conforms closely to people’s scalp, creating a seamless and natural hairline. This realistic appearance does not only limit itself in hairline, but extends to the texture of the base. The texture also intimates the smoothness of real human skin.

2. Blend of Durability, Realism, and Comfort

This is one of the key advantages of skin hair systems. The base that resemblances real human skin provides a sturdy foundation for the hair strands. What’s more, it also remains the lightweight and comfortable feeling to wear. Additionally, the seamless integration of the base and your scalp ensures a pretty natural-looking appearance. For most of your friends and family members, they won’t even notice that it’s not your real hair.

3. Knotting Method of Skin Hair System

Similar to the knotting method of lace hair systems, the knotting method used in skin ones plays a crucial role. It can help you to achieve a pretty natural and realistic appearance. Furthermore, the hair strands of skin hair system are seperately hand-tied to the thin base material. So the hairline created is super natural; and this also ensures you to have natural hair movement and numerous choices of styling.

Comparison: Skin vs. Lace Hair System

Alright, friends. After knowing the basic information of skin and lace hair systems, it’s the time that we should enter the next session: skin vs. lace hair systems. Let’s go!

1.Touch and Feel Comparison

In terms of the difference between touch and feel, both skin and lace hair systems have their own unique characteristics.

Lace systems have two advantages: the lightweight feeling and the breathable nature; while for skin systems, they offer a seamless hairline and natural appearance and hair movement.

Ultimately, the choice between the two boils down to personal preference and usage. You should consider factors including where do I wear it? How often do I wear it? How long do I wear it?

2. Breathability Comparison

In terms of breathability, lace hair systems have the edge due to the sheer nature of the lace base, which allows for excellent airflow to the scalp. Skin systems, while still breathable, may not offer the same level of ventilation due to the denser nature of the base material. However, advancements in skin system technology have led to the development of thinner and more breathable base materials, narrowing the gap between the two types of hair systems.

3. Front Hairline Comparison

The front hairline is a critical aspect of hair systems. Although it’s a pretty small part, it significantly influences the appearance of the hairpiece. Both skin and lace systems can provide a pretty natural front hairline when properly took care of and applied. However, lace systems have a slight advantage in this field. Made from sheer base material, it allows users to have a seamless blending between the head and the front hairline.

4. Suitability for Different Lifestyles and Climates

Suitability is also an important consideration in choosing hair systems. Skin system is more suitable for outdoor environment and can endure humid climates. On the other hand, lace system is the choice of people who seek lightweight and breathable feeeling, and it suits warmer climates better.


Thanks for reading this article! I Hope it could shed some light on the difference between skin hair system and lace hair system and help you in making your decision.

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Good luck with picking out your hair system, and rock it with confidence!