Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf and stocking to hold it down 

If your weave is curly then braid 4 sections of the weave at night to ensure no tangling 

If extensions are Indian Remy or top quality,aim to wash once a week.

If your extensions are Yaki or average grade of human hair irecommend not to wash at all, this is because cheaper extensions have a silicone coat over the hair so once you wash it, it will become very hard.


Remember that extensions, as well as they are done are never your real hair.

You must treat them with a lot of care and be very gentle.

Try to only style weave using heat maximum twice a week

When sleeping ensure closure piece is held down firmly, closure will flatten with time

As extensions have been cut at the track, a little bit of shedding is normal

Try not to pull your weave back into a pony tail too much or too tightly

At least once a week go through the rows of your braid base and gently apply moisturising hair and scalp cream 

Don’t put any form of grease or oil on your weave. This will make it look cheap, synthetic and very heavy.

If your weave is curly then apply small amount of lotion in palm of your hands and rub all over hands so it’s a thin layer of product, loosely apply to hair to maintain curls


Full head weaves should be kept for a maximum of 6 weeks

Natural part weaves should be left for 5 weeks 

Track Extensions should be re-done every 6 weeks, but if you want to keep them for 2 months just ensure the root is not tangling.

When removing weave get someone to do it so you’re not cutting your own hair

Those are some tips and tricks to manage your weave.