In many places around the world, it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. People around the world are planning to celebrate Christmas in numerous different ways. As the most indispensable element of Christmas, Santa Claus helps to add the festival atmosphere and bring endless happiness to us. Let’s see the different kinds of Santa Claus we’ve seen around the world.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus with Imperial Style in New York, America

Santa Claus Parade

The 5,000 Santa Claus Parade in Portugal

Santa Claus feeds fish

Santa Claus Feeds the Fish in Marine Museum in Indonesia

Santa Claus Running Race

Annually Santa Claus Running Race in England

        When Christmas arrives, Santa Claus is everywhere. A traditional Santa, Mrs. Claus or a Christmas fashionista, there is a Santa for everyone. Therefore wigs and beards for Santa Claus are in great demand. These wigs belong in the costume wigs sector, usually made of synthetic materials and having lower price than regular human wigs. The costume wig is a cheap way to add the finishing touches to your fancy dress costume. Santa Claus wigs are made of synthetic material. The reason for this low price is the fact that it is one time product. Every year people dress up as Santa Claus, therefore the wigs need to be cheap. The other reason for the price is because of the color. As we all know, Santa Claus’ is a very old kind man, whose hair, beard and even eyebrows are pure white. If we used real hair, we would need to bleach the hair to white, causing huge damage to the hair.

       Recently, as Christmas approaches, professional Santa Claus costumes are appearing. A comfortable Santa Claus wig and beard is essential for these costumes.

        Christmas is coming! Do you want to be Santa Claus? Below is a tutorial.
        How to Apply Santa Claus Makeup
        1. Use clown white for the eyebrows. Just need a little bit on the hair of the eyebrow. Just enough so that it shows that you are actually have a little white in eyebrow. Make sure not to spread it over your eye. Then trim off a little bit and just the hair on the eyebrows gets the white.
        2. Make rosy cheeks. Use lipsticks to redden cheeks a little bit so that it looks like you’ve been out in the cold.

        How to Wear Santa Claus Wig and Beard
       1. Put on the beard. Fix your beard so you can see your mouth just below the mustache to avoid getting hair in the mouth when talking.
      2. Put wigs on top of head. Make sure that it pull down in the dark so that none of that your dark hair is showing.
      3. Put hat on. Make sure it goes all the way down to hold the wig on and put peak on one side.
      4. Put on Glasses and Smile. Here comes the Santa Claus.