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Which Wigs are the Best For Me?

There are various wigs on the market, and different people like different wigs. Some people like breathable wigs, some like realistic wigs, and some like comfortable wigs. One of the important factors is the wig cap. Therefore, we will introduce different wig caps at Goodyard Hair according to people’s preferences.

Breathable Wig Cap
The most breathable wig cap is lace cap .“Lace” refers to a fine, sheer mesh that the hair can be tied individually.This lace material has many small holes to make the wigs breathable. There are full lace wigs and lace front wigs. A full lace wig is made of a lace cap that covers the entire head and 100% human hair is knotted into this by the worker. The front lace wig is front lace and weft back ,not all hand-tied, so the price is cheaper than full lace wigs.

Realistic Wigs Cap
Silk top cap is the most realistic technology on the market today. Because the hair roots on the wig are hidden under the silk base, so you cant see any knots, it seems like the hair growing out from your own scalp and creating the best natural apperance.

Comfortable Wigs Cap
This mono top wig is made of a material called monofilament,which makes the wig be soft and comfortable, and very friendly to the sensitive scalp.
They are known as the best wigs for cancer patients because they provide the perfect combination of safety, fashion and comfort.28-3

Do you think which types of wigs are best for you? Welcome to share your ideas or questions below.

How To Take Care Of Your Remy Human Hair Wig

Most women love wigs, because wig is a great way to achieve a new hairstyle. But please not it different from natural hair. It is important to take good care of the wig to extend its lifespan and maintain an attractive appearance. Then how to take care of your wig? Here are 5 tips that may be helpful to wig wearers.

1.Washing: When wash, make sure the water flow in the same direction during washing and avoid rubbing the wig heavily.

Notice never put the conditioner in the root of the hair since it will damage the knots of the wigs.

2.Do not soak the hand-tied human hair wigs for a long time as this can lead to tangling. When you wash the wig, please treat it very carefully just like your own hair.

3.Drying: Gently pat and press the hair with a soft towel to remove excess water after removing the shampoo.Avoid wringing or twisting;shake vigorously and hang upside down to air dry(usually overnight). Do not blow dry the wig. Do not brush wig when wet. Do not wear wig with wet cap or dry wig on head or Styrofoam, as this will stretch the cap.

4.Please store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold and dust, which will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.

5.Dying: You can dye your wig in the local salon. Please don’t coloring human hair wig by yourselves. It is a very risky experiment and might turn into a bad result. However, if you still prefer to dye your own wigs, please keep in mind that never dye a darker color wig into a lighter color.

Trimming: Strongly recommend to ask the professional hairdresser to trim, shape or thin out the wig.

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