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It can take months and years to build the perfect regimen. Until then, it is important to make an intentional effort to pay attention to your hair’s needs over time, especially on wash day. Oftentimes wash day is dreaded, especially if you live an active lifestyle. The focus of wash day should be cleansing and replenishing the hair and scalp, in which both steps can be thwarted if done improperly. Want to know why your hair is dry only hours after washing it? Here’s why.

  1. Rubbing your hair

Shampoo commercials and sensual movie scenes make disheveling your hair with shampoo and piling it atop your crown appealing, but it is actually detrimental to your strands. Tousling your hair not only induces tangles but also further lifts the hair’s cuticle. Shampoo expands the cuticle in order for it to effectively cleanse, so you want to stroke the hair downward to encourage the cuticle to lay flat. When scrubbing your scalp the hold the ends of the hair taut with one hand and massage the scalp with the other hand. Remember to be gentle, as hair is too elastic and prone to break when wet.


  1. Co-washing after clarifying

Clarifying is a necessary and co-washing is optional. Clarifying is meant to thoroughly remove all product buildup, excess sebum, and debris from the outdoor elements. Co-washing is meant to refresh the hair with moisture while gently removing some buildup. Both are cleansing methods and should not be done subsequently. If you choose to clarify, then deep conditioning afterwards is important. If you want to co-wash, you do not have to follow up with a deep condition but you certainly can.

  1. Deep conditioning before cleansing

Deep conditioners are to be used after cleansing, not before. Shampoos usually have a pH balance of 8, which is slightly alkaline, enabling the hair shaft to swell and raise the cuticle layers for thorough cleansing. Deep conditioners have a pH balance between 3.5-6 to close the cuticle and seal in moisture. Both have surfactants that function differently. Cleansers attract dirt and oil while conditioner leave a film containing moisturizing properties on the strands. If your cleanser is so harsh that your deep conditioner cannot restore the moisture, then change your cleanser, deep conditioner, or both.


  1. Not applying a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer

It is essential to apply a leave-in co  nditioner or moisturizer after washing your hair. Although conditioners leave a film on the cuticle, it is not sufficient to maintain moisture. It is important to apply a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner while the hair is damp or wet to trap moisture in the strands. Moisture comes from water, so it is important that there is a trace of water on the hair before applying a moisturizer. Going directly from rinsing off a deep conditioner to applying a styler will certainly leave your hair dry, especially if the styler is not formulated as a 2-in-1 product.

  1. Not sealing

This may not be applicable to everyone, but there have been many testimonies and scientific backing for sealing your hair with an oil or butter after applying a moisturizer. This method is commonly known as the LOC method and it creates an extra barrier will also help to reduce moisture depletion after wash day.


How do you prevent moisture depletion on wash day? Looking forward to hearing more ways from you .

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The angular fringe was an emerging trend among male fashion models in 2014, and it was so widely popular, we are certain it will become a widely popular trend among all men in 2015. This look is achieved with tapered sides, but keeps the top layer long and cut at angle. It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a round face.



The Caesar haircut is a popular buzz cut, but for good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. With a dab of cream or styling gel, the spiked look can be achieved in a matter of seconds, and will stay in place all day, with little to no maintenance required.



This simple casual hairstyle is a classic for good reason. Similar to the slicked back look, this can be achieved with a little hair gel or styling cream, and a quick brush through. Keep the hair shorter on the sides and longer on the top for an easy to maintain look.



This style is welcomed by the young. Similar to the slicked back look, this can be achieved with a little hair gel or styling cream, and a quick brush through. Keep the hair much shorter on the sides and quite longer on the top and comb the top hair up and casual.




This side part pompadour will definitely make a comeback. Pompadours have commonly been seen throughout fashion history because they can be done with hair of various lengths – keeping it either long or short on top. Keep the style in place with pomade.


How To Take Care Of Your Remy Human Hair Wig

Most women love wigs, because wig is a great way to achieve a new hairstyle. But please not it different from natural hair. It is important to take good care of the wig to extend its lifespan and maintain an attractive appearance. Then how to take care of your wig? Here are 5 tips that may be helpful to wig wearers.

1.Washing: When wash, make sure the water flow in the same direction during washing and avoid rubbing the wig heavily.

Notice never put the conditioner in the root of the hair since it will damage the knots of the wigs.

2.Do not soak the hand-tied human hair wigs for a long time as this can lead to tangling. When you wash the wig, please treat it very carefully just like your own hair.

3.Drying: Gently pat and press the hair with a soft towel to remove excess water after removing the shampoo.Avoid wringing or twisting;shake vigorously and hang upside down to air dry(usually overnight). Do not blow dry the wig. Do not brush wig when wet. Do not wear wig with wet cap or dry wig on head or Styrofoam, as this will stretch the cap.

4.Please store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold and dust, which will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.

5.Dying: You can dye your wig in the local salon. Please don’t coloring human hair wig by yourselves. It is a very risky experiment and might turn into a bad result. However, if you still prefer to dye your own wigs, please keep in mind that never dye a darker color wig into a lighter color.

Trimming: Strongly recommend to ask the professional hairdresser to trim, shape or thin out the wig.

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