Jauncheng, the city of hair in China, is located at Heze, Shandong. It is the largest human hair market in China. Since the 1960s, villagers of Juancheng County have been wholesaling human hair, and during the 80’s the village spontaneously developed into Zhengying and Fuchun human hair trading markets. The industry has been good and has attracted merchants from all around the country. The two markets mainly deal in Chinese human hair and have become the most infamous and professional human hair market in China.

Hair by Goodyard is primarily used from the hair market in Juancheng. In addition, Goodyard also purchases hair from other hair markets around the world. According to some sources, human hair can be divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, European hair, etc.

European hair is very rare in the market. So the price is very expensive. Indian hair and Chinese hair are both from Asia. It is hard to tell the difference. From the out look, Indian hair has a natural wave, but Chinese hair does not. If you touch it, Indian hair is soft and thin, but Chinese hair is thick. At present, Chinese hair accounts for 40% of the total hair output in the world.

There are two types of hair in the market, Remy hair and non-Remy hair. Remy hair is cut directly from the donor. Non-Remy hair or what we call fallen hair has fallen in the natural shedding process like washing and combing, and then been collected together. Unlike Remy hair, non-Remy hair is not healthy because fallen hair has a shortage of hair nutrition. It can tangle easily after several washes.

Nowadays, the products made from Remy hair will usually be twice as expensive as those made from fallen hair. Thus, some people use non-Remy hair counterfeit Remy hair. How can we distinguish Remy hair and non-Remy hair? As non-Remy hair is fallen naturally so there will be hair follicles which you can see clearly upon simple eye inspection. Remy hair is cut from the head, so no hair follicles exist.

Goodyard only use Remy human hair for our products which ensure the products quality from the very beginning of raw production.