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Explore Best Ponytail Extensions for Your Online Business

Recently, our company has received a lot of inquiries about our retail business page on our website. We also learned that more people are searching for online business products. In fact, online hair businesses are a popular trend right now. Among them, ready-to-wear hair extension products are also one of the most suitable products for online shopping. Examples include clip-on, halo, and ponytail extensions. Let us explore together to choose the best ponytail extensions for your online business.


The luxury ponytail extensions are perfect for women Longing for a full and luscious ponytail. They can add hair volume&length in minutes. No damage! No regret!

It is also an easy-to-use extension that is easy to clean and maintain. People can also wear their own ponytails without going to a salon. This is one of the important reasons why it is very suitable for the online hair business.

Our hot-selling style is a wrap-around ponytail hair extension, designed with a clip and velcro closure that remains securely in place all day. Created from premium quality Remy hair extension, our clip-in ponytail extensions look and move as naturally as your own hair, you can wash, heat and make into many other styles. Just clip in and instantly create a luxuriously thick, long, fluffy ponytail! We can also make various lengths according to your different custom requirements, from 12 “to 24”.

The clip-in ponytail from Goodyard Hair comes in a variety of stunning shades, such as popular balayage colors. You can choose the color number you like from our color chart, which includes more than 30 different popular colors. Since we are the direct factory, we can also provide a more affordable wholesale price than you can buy from a trading company. Welcome to contact us and send us your inquiry to to get the style you need.

If you just start your online hair extension business, we also provide you with specialized services. For example, we provide the start-up package to help you grow your business as soon as possible. It includes recommended hair extension styles, clip-on hair extensions, halo hair extensions and ponytail hair extensions. The quality is 100% human hair, and it is available in various lengths and colors. In addition, we also provide related hair accessories and tools, such as hair color samples, hair clips, or hairbrushes. We can share our photos or take photos of your hair order placed with us. If you want to make your own luxury packaging with your own brand name, we can also provide a free packaging design. So that, we believe that we can help you expand your business as soon as possible.


Do you have any interest or questions about ponytail extension for the online hair business? Welcome to visit our website or send us your inquiry to

The Most Beautiful Street Snap Hairstyles in The Third Quarter of 2014


It’s almost the end of the third quarter of 2014, how time flies! Now we particularly collect the most beautiful street snap hairstyles all over the world for you. Don’t worry even if you have long hair. Whether ponytails, middle part long hair or cool buns, all of the referenced hairstyles can be found there.


Big waves with a casquette, just like a cute baseball girl. This nifty hairstyle makes you full of energy and dynamic.

640 (1)

Middle part silky straight long hair, gentle girl style as usual.

640 (2)

If you don’t want to have the same hairstyle all the time, but have no idea how to take care of your hair, then why don’t you try the hairband? It brings a little amorous feelings of Bohemian girls.

640 (3)

Casual ponytail, is absolutely the gospel of oil dirty hair. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t wash your hair when waking up in the morning.

640 (4)

Big waves without any modifications, it is casual and sexy. Cool style especially with the sunglasses.

640 (5)

Cherry pink hair with big wave. A romantic hairstyle, isn’t it?

640 (6)

Glossy platinum long hair, which always make you the focus of the people. If you are confident of your looks and stature, then it is a good hairstyle which you deserve a try.

What’s the most popular hair style of 2013??……..The Ponytail.

The key trend for hair style in 2013 is to keep it simple. In order to do that, the ponytail is probably your best choice.

Creating the perfect ponytail is a fantastically simple yet stylish hairstyle that can be worn for a long time and on any occasion. You may wear a ponytail hair extension in the center back of your head, on the side or up high on the crown. It’s entirely up to you. This makes wearing a ponytail hairstyle extremely versatile for all occasions. You can add hair accessories or braids to dress up the ponytail hairstyle for special events. For a more relaxed look, you can just wear the ponytail hairstyle simply at the back of your head with a regular colored hair tie.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Loose ponytails have always been very good for convenient daily activities, while the more “stick and sleek ones”are considered the best for the fashionable sassy look on formal occasions. You must be wondering what unique hairstyles you can make out of your ponytail give it that extra special quality.Actually, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can easily make yourself and Individuality is what makes the ponytail hairstyles 2013 so popular in the current trends.

Ponytail Hair

Ponytail hairstyles come in a variety of ranges from medium to long hair. Even if you don’t have a long hair, you may use hair extensions or a wig in place to turn them into attractive ponytails. For the perfect loose ponytail, a messy style is a very popular style today. All you need to do is to loosely clasp your hair at the back with a hair pin or clip, allowing plenty of stray hairs and your bangs to fall at the sides and in front of your forehead. A perfect windswept look with the loose ponytails is the trend for the ponytail hairstyles 2013.You can partially side part your hair to make the bangs and fringes stand out more.Apply a blow dryer and a brush to add volume and a wind-blown appearance. You may also highlight one or two of your strands and let it hang loose by the sides. Not only for casual occasions, but also these loose ponytail looks look glorious at formal or even social events as well. Match your hairstyle with an elegant dress, long earrings, and this can result in strengthened facial features.

Ponytail Hair Extension

Stick-straight ponytails are the latest trend for ponytail hairstyles in 2013. They look extremely fantastic on any formal occasion. However, this hairstyle can be best achieved on straight hair, and looks very elegant on super-straight and long hair. In order to make it well…you should ensure that your hair is well shampooed and silky. Brush off any tangles from your hair, and smoothen your hair with hair mousse or smoothening cream. You can also use a straighten to straighten your hair first, and then back comb the entire hair and make into a ponytail on the nape of your neck or near the top of your head. Secure it tight with an elastic band, and wrap a hair strand around the band securing it into place with a hair grip. This is one of the best ponytail hairstyles that you can wear to be in style for 2013.


Ponytail hairstyles look fabulous not only when worn by young girls but they also look great and elegant on a mature, older women. Ponytails are most appropriate type of hairstyle during exercise or related athletic activities. Ponytail hairstyle can easily go with many fashion accessories and highlight not only earrings but necklaces too. Different options are available for styling a ponytail. You can wear it using a plain hair-band or use many accessories like scrunches, claws and cloth bands, which can transform this simple style to a beautiful formal hairstyle. They are considered as “quick to make” styles most suitable in a variety of purposes and work as a base for other elaborate hairstyles such as up do’s and braids.

Since a lovely Ponytail is so conveniently and easy made. Why not to wear one now? Do it to highlight your daily life and vamp up your style.

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