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How to Customize a Men Toupee from Goodyard Hair ?

Nowadays, many toupee in stock are sold out very quickly in all factories in China and and the new inventory can’t be updated quickly. So how to customize the men toupee you want from Goodyard Hair ?


Usually, when placing a custom order, the following necessary information will be required:hair length, hair material, hair color, hair density, base size, base design etc.

The common hair length for men hair toupee is 6inch ,some customers like longer hair ,such as 8” ,10” which we also can make them. The toupee is usually made of Indian remy human hair that’s soft and natural . Some customers want European hair because they are thinner and softer. They can also be customized in our factory .

The hair color is a very important item for us to make a toupee to suit your unique need.There are over 63 different colors on our color swatch for your choice ,such as the natural black color,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5 and other popular colors ,or please send us your hair color sample to copy correctly . If you want to see more our men hair unit color, please click here to view more.


The base design is also called base construction. There are four popular base materials on the market , Skin Pu, lace, mono and silk top or their combination .So let us know the base design and size. You can please give us the description, send us picture or your template ,all method is ok.

5-Swiss Lace10-Q62-Mirage15-Fine Mono

Would you like to customize a men toupee from our factory? Welcome to send us your inquiry to our or follow us #goodyardhairofficial .


What’s Men’s Frontal Hair Piece?

Are you struggling with a receding hairline?  It’s usually one of the earliest signs of hair loss and it occurs more commonly in men. There are a lot of reasons, such as poor diet, using wrong hair products, stress and hormonal imbalance can also lead to thinning hair.Receding hairline can seriously affect people’s quality of life and self-confidence.What should we do?The mens frontal hair piece will play a role.


Mens frontal hair piece

It’s a partial hair unit that covers only the front hairline and specially designed for men who has receding hairline, but still have healthy hair elsewhere on the head.So it’s easy to apply,no need to shave all the hair on the top of head,you can attach it yourself easily even you’re beginner of hairpiece. It also easy to your hairdresser to handle it.It’s made of 0.05 Pu, V-looped hair all over, so it’s very natural so nobody could find it. You also can trim it to be the style u want. The base size is 4*18cm, 1B color available now in our inventory with immediate shipment. We also can customize various other colors per as your request.

There are two hair direction options for you to choose from. One has the hair direction growing forward, while the other is directing backward. So, if you plan to expose your hairline and have a slicked-back hairstyle, then choose the “Backward Hair Direction” option. Click here to see the video.If you plan to wear the hair forward like a fringe, please choose the “Forward Hair Direction” option.


So would u like to have a men frontal hair pieces from Goodyard Hair? If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments in this post.

Top Six Men Hair Systems for Summer from Goodyard Hair

The summer season is coming now. What kinds of hair systems are the best choice for hot and humid summer? In this blog, we would like to introduce you the most suitable hair replacement systems to resist hair loss in the hot summer months. The following are top six of the most suitable style for summer season because its realistic, lightweight and breathable.

Swiss Lace

This Swiss lace toupee for men is a very popular choice for men who want to keep their scalp free of sweat during summer.Swiss lace is super soft, light and more breathable toupee.Single knots on front creates a very realistic hairline.All the knots on the base are perfectly bleached to have an undetectable appearance.

The size in stock is 8”*10” in 63 various colors available.They also can be cut into any smaller size per as customers’ requests. This model comes with a light to medium light 90%, which is also good choice for summer.

5-Swiss Lace

French Lace

French lace hair systems for men is known to keep men’s scalps sweat-free during summer. French lace base is lightweight, breathable and very natural.It’s the perfect choice for customers who pursue an active lifestyle or live in a warm whether. You can swim, shower or play sports while wearing a hair system. As long as you follow the advice you’ll be given, you won’t damage it.

Holly Wood

This model has a French lace top and front and a thin skin perimeter. French lace is one of the most natural base materials available. It is also very light and breathable. The transparent PU back and sides make it easier to apply adhesive tape and make the area easier to clean.The single bleached knots at the front which gives the appearance of hair growing directly out of the scalp. Expect the natural looking, they are also very durable which can last up to 6months under proper care.It has 100% Indian remy human hair with a hair length of 6″ and a medium-light  density.Various size from 5″x7″ to 9″x11 are available with immediate shipment.There are also similar styles( the combination of lace and Pu) for your choice such as our OCT, Australia,Q6 ect. Check more products details and videos on our instagram#goodyardhairofficial.


These summer hair systems can not only help men who suffering from hair loss have a better look and be confident, but also help them stay cool in hot weather. If the toupee for men listed cant meet your demand, you can please visit our website to check more model styles. We believe you’ll find the one you like. Any inquiries to our men hair systems,please feel free to contact us by or whats app:+8615092036412.

Hair System: How to Make a Hair System Template ?

When you want to custom a men hair system for your client, so how to make a template to send us ? In this blog, we’ll share the steps in details.

Item required to make a tape toupee template:

.Plastic wrap

.A roll of transparent tape

.A marker pen


Step 1

Tear some plastic wrap long enough to tie under your chin . Now place the wrap on your client’s head and press the wrap tightly without any wrinkles and voids, then tie it under the customer’s chin in order to keep wrap secure.

Step 2

Draw your hairline with a marker on your skin from temple to temple.How to find the hairline? Lay four fingers flat on the top of your customer’s eyebrows, the index finger is the position where the front hairline should start and find the center point of the line.Then use the dotted line to draw a regular ellipse according to the largest area of hair loss.We don’t recommend drawing flat on the front of head when make the template, we need to draw an ellipse, because the hairline of most people is not flat, usually an arc,then finally we connect the dotted line. At the same time, pls mark the “F” for front and “B” for back,then you’ll know which side is front and which side is back,that’s also really important for the correct production of the hair system.For the position of the crown,you can ask your clients what they want and then mark the desired hair direction they want. Now, the freestyle is very popular which you can part your hair into any direction.

Step 3

Then put the tape on the plastic wrap to fix the shape of the template.Apply three layers of tape. Start from the first layer from back to front,then second layer from front to back, finally from side to side. After finish and press it slightly .Be noted don’t take too much time on the above three steps in case give your clients uncomfortable experience with plastic wrap on the head so long time especially the hot weather.

Step 4

Finally, Carefully untie and remove the template from your head and use a scissors to cut the extra plastic wrap along the drawn peripheral line. A great tape template will be ok soon. Put it back in the bald area above the head to make sure it is the correct size and shape! If you want to make the hair toupee with clients’ own hair sample, cut small strands of their hair and stick them to the template and write your client’s name on the template to send it to us to make the toupee hairpiece.

Do you have any questions or ideas for the process of making men hair replacement system template ? Welcome to leave your comments below.

Hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2015


Hairstyle Gallery 1

Paul Edmonds presents a selection of glamorous Hollywood hairstyles, longer bob with on-trend fringe, a short blonde pixie styles.
Angelo Seminara’s latest stunning collection, Goldess for Davines showcases a very young, modern and elegant selection of hairstyles, with a touch of romantic elegance.
Joico’s latest collection Salon I-Deas was inspired to develop and support the salon hairdresser. An eclectic mix of stunning and salon-friendly hairstyles, demonstrating all the very latest cutting, colouring and styling techniques, including Deconstruction for men and the Triangle (pyramid) techniques.
Irwan Team Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia based hair group present their latest hairstyles


.Hairstyle Gallery 2

2015-2016 latest collection presented by Jean Marc Maniatis. A selection of short on trend pixie cuts, sleek blonde long layers, glamorous waves, soft pink and strawberry blonde colours all make for a gorgeous up to the minute collection.
TREND BOOK FALL / WINTER 2015 collection from Balmain, Paris. Get out of bed styles, sleeked back for the vintage look, think James Dean and Marlon Brando styles.


Hairstyle Gallery 3

Kerasilk Collection presented by Goldwell, beautiful healthy styles created using the Goldwell Kerasilk range of products.
THE AURA COLLECTION Fall/Winter 2015/16 from the Sens.첫s Master Team. Strong cuts, layered shapes and destructured fringes, giving the illusionof the future.
The latest collection created by Kinky Curly Straight (Australia). Inspiration for the collection pays homage to the country of Slovenia UROS MIKIC’s hometown. Showcasing the handsome European man.
TREND BOOK FALL / WINTER 2015 collection from Balmain, Paris. Natural beautiful healthy styles. Undone raw hair with side partings and texturized perfect confident styles.


Hairstyle Gallery 4

Jean Claude Aubry present casual chic timeless hairstyles.
New Dawn collection presented by Westrow Street Lane displaying a diversity of cutting and colouring techniques in line with this seasons trends.
Beaux Amis Hair & Beauty present their first collection of styles displaying real beauty and emotion.
Womens collection from Robert Kirby commercial and glamorous high street styles.


Hairstyle Gallery 5

AW15 Essential Looks from Schwarzkopf Professional team are a collection of on-trend commercialstyles, as seen on the high street, to suit all ages, with inspiration from internationalfashion runways.



Hairstyle Gallery 6

MODERN MUSE Collection presented by JASON COLLIER & THE SMOOTH YOU ART TEAM Inspiration was drawn from the Modern day silently powerful and successful women, wearing natural everyday easy styles.
Ishihara Collection by Alison Stewart Hairdressing was inspired by Ishihara, the Japanese guru and styles were created incorporating uptodate braiding techniques and were based on Japanese heritage.
Inspired by Japanese Samurai Warriors, The Journey collection By Vivienne Mackinder displays all the latest hairdressing and colouring techniques.


Hairstyle Gallery 7

Minimal Collection presented by Andrew Collinge Artistic team wearable salon styles, beautifully complimented with creative use of colour and cutting techniques.
TWIST of AMBER A/W 2015 collection from Björn Axén Artistic Team was inspired by diffent types of knitting and chrochet. Basic shapes, such as textured and blunt cuts are given attitude using a range of colours and styling techniques.
Osmo Mens Hero Collection combines classic looks with contemporary products utilised to give a fresh style.


 Hairstyle Gallery 8

“BACK TO SCHOOL” AH2015-2016 Collection created by Coiffure Tchip on-trend hairstyles, with up to date cutting and colouring techniques.
The “Obscure” collection fall winter 2015-2016 presented by Mob Salons team. Urban casual styles with versatile shapes and undone textures, reflect what’s happening today in the streets of modern Metropolitan cities, illustrating the dynamic and personality of easy-going, sophisticated and colourful modern women.



Hairstyle Gallery 9

HEROINE COLLECTION by Jayne Littler, Andrew Collinge Artistic Team is a chic display of lustrous glamorous hairstyles with braids andwaves.
The Beauty of BioSilk Collection created by Rocky Vitelli and Jessica Davinski. Luscious soft braids and soft and sensual silky hairstyles.
“Boudica” Collection presented by David Murray for David Murray Hairdressing was inspired by “Boudica” the Celtic warrior queen.Different textures were worked into the hair, to create a wild warrior external look with a softer side.



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