Everybody knows that false eyelashes aren’t the easiest things to learn to apply. Slap some rhinestones or a bunch of glitter on those babies and you’ve got a much bigger problem on your hands. As gorgeous as they may be, putting rhinestone lashes or glitter lashes on can be a daunting task – especially if you’re not used to wearing lashes or trying to help a young dancer put them on right before a performance。


So here are 4 helpful tips to help you make your dazzling rhinestone or glitter eyelashes feel so comfortable, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them while you dance the night away!




  1. Measure & Trim the Ends

The first thing you always want to do before applying any false lash (rhinestone or not) is to make sure they fit your eye! Before putting glue on, lay the false eyelashes along your lash line, making sure not to position it too close to the inner corner. If the outer corner is extending past your eye, trim it off, remembering to always trim from the outer corner.


IMPORTANT: always round out the cut ends. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a very sharp corner that will stab you every time you blink. Ouch!


Tip: peel off a stone (I know, I know, such a waste) to make rounding off the edges easier to do.



  1. Curl your lashes from the lash band
    If you want to curl your false lashes, do it BEFORE applying them, andcurl from back (the band)instead of approaching from the front (tips) as you normally would. You’ll find it a lot easier and quicker to do this vs. the traditional way.


3. Wear a base lash
We always recommend wearing a base lash (any dense, regular strip lash) with rhinestone or glitter lashes. These act as a shelf toprevent your rhinestone lashes from drooping, and the extra volumemakes your eyes look more open.


  1. Apply lashes close to or on your crease – NOT the lash line.
    Rhinestone lashes and glitter lashes have a much thicker lash band than human hair lashes due to all the embellishments on them. That means you need to use leverage and science (hooray!) to make your lashes work for you.


Instead of applying lashes on your lash line, place them closer to your crease and away from the base lash you have on. This helps to take significant weight off your lids and makes your eyes look much more open.


I’ll be the first to tell you that applying lashes on your crease is NOT easy. It takes a tons of practice, but OH, is it worth it. You won’t believe how much lighter they’ll feel.
Tip: use clear glue (since it hides mistakes better) and try your best not to blink while the glue sets.

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