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Are Wigs Easy to Wear ?

In addition to women with hair loss who like to wear wigs, many girls are also keen to change their hair styles with wigs, because this does not need to spoil their hair.However, if the wig is not worn well, it is not only easy to fall off, but also affects the aesthetic effect! So ,are wigs easy to wear ? How to wear a wig correctly and beautifully, let’s take a look at it together.

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1.Take the wig cap, stretch it by hand, pull it from top to bottom to the neck, then pull it up to the position of hairline, and tie the tail of the wit cap.

2.Tie up your own hair and fix it with a hairpin. If it’s a piece of hair, you should tidy up your hair. For example, if the wig is slightly curly, then the overall shape of your hair should also be consistent, so as to ensure the authenticity.

3.Before wearing a wig, you should first straighten out the wig to avoid messy and knotted hair during the wearing process, which is more convenient for us to style behind.

4.Align the front end of the wig to the position and bring it up from the front to the back,

5、Adjust the size of the head circumference, and make slight adjustments by hand to ensure that the details and position of the wig are correct,

6.Fix the wig and comb your hair with a comb. If the hairstyle matches your image, it will be finished.

Wearing wig is not difficult after you get the correct method.If you want to make a human hair wigs from Goodyard Hair , welcome to send us your inquiry to

How to Choose the Best Wigs

If you’ve lost all or most of your hair(no matter what reason–chemo or genetics), you might want to consider a wig. But choosing a suitable one, there must be many things to be considered, hoping the following guide will enable you to select a wig that suits you.


1.) Choose the hair material, human hair or synthetic hair?

You need to decide whether you want to buy a human hair wig, or a synthetic wig. Human hair can look as realistic as real hair and can last much longer than synthetic wig, but need to be designed by your hairstylist according to your face shape, with also caring for it as well. Synthetic hair is simply much easier to style and care for because the artificial polymers hold their shape much better than real hair does, the price is also much cheaper than human material. All of these are things you need to take into consideration.


2.) Select the cap construction: Capless, Lace or Mono top?

After confirming the material, you need to choose the cap, now there are three normal constructions like capless (all machine-made), lace and mono top. Usually if you like synthetic material, capless will be OK. But for human hair, lace and mono top will be better.

Lace and mono top are all hand-tied. This gives the appearance of individual hairs growing from our own scalp, which is very natural looking.


3.) Measure your head–how do I know my head size?

Head size has very little to do with the overall size of a person. It is best not to make any assumptions about fit, but to take measurements. Please check the following picture, measure your size step by step. You will know your cap size: Small, Medium or Large.


If choosing synthetic material, please browse through our catalog and determine which styles fit your needs. For human hair, all can be made into wavy or curl, but if you have some new ideas about wigs, please choosing a normal one, then let your hairstylist cut and design some new styles according to your request.

5.) Colors

Choosing the right wig color can be a challenge, I advice that making wigs with softer, more natural colors or blends of colors, that will be more natural looking and simply easier to make you look great. After all, most woman’s hair isn’t just a single color, rather it’s a mixture of coloring, so mixed colors will look more natural than stark solid colors.

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