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How to keep clients through communication?

One of our customers from Netherlands ordered classic eyelash extensions with value more than  $30,000 in bulk last week . He has become our VIP customer and has been working with us for nearly 5 years. He also used his own brand to provide a large amount of silk eyelash extensions for his local beauty salons . Expect high-quality eyelashes, communication is also very important for us to maintain a long-term relationship. Here, we want to share some tips to how to keep your clients through communication.


According to the experience of our top sales staff, professionalism is very important for us to have a good business relationship with our customers. Especially in the highly competitive eyelash industry, there are too many eyelash suppliers for them to choose from, all customers want to get professional and comfortable service. Remember to be familiar with their orders and focus on every detail. When they have negative feedback on the order, remember not to ignore it,Try our best to find out the reason and solve it as soon as possible, otherwise you may lose your this customer soon. In addition, in every important holiday,you can send your sincere blessings to them to keep more closely connect with them.

For eyelash salons, communication is also very important for lash artists, so that your customers can come back next time:) Here are some suggestions to tell your clients that when they come to do eyelash extensions, they will leave a good impression on you and come back.

eyelash with private label

1.Tell the customer to completely remove eye makeup before applying eyelash extensions,because the oil in the cosmetics will cause the durability of the grafted eyelashes to decrease.

2.Tell customers usually it’s better to use more than three lengths of lash extensionfor each eye, so that the eyes will look good and let customers feel your professionalism.

3.Tell the customer that there is a 0.5mm distance between the applying eyelashes and the root of your real eyelashes, which will not harm the eyes, and the effect will be natural and beautiful. If the distance is too far, it will burden their own eyelashes. It hurts, so you can bring out the professionalism of the eyelash artist and the care for the customer.

4. Tell the customer about the detailed care after applying,such as not touching the water for 6-8 hours, etc. If you have any discomfort after returning home, you should contact them in time. In this way, let customers feel your sense of responsibility and care.

Do you have any good ideas about how to keep good relationship with your clients through communication?  Let’s share together. If you have the demand of eyelash extensions, welcome to look through more details on our website :



New Fashion Trend: Eyelash Product

lash perfect professional eyelash extension

As main product of the beauty industry, eyelash is becoming more and more popular in the world. It has various:styles: crystal eyelash, paper eyelash, feather eyelash, strip eyelash, individual eyelash.

Recent years, eyelash is very popular around world, especially in America, England, Australia, Japanese etc.


Goodyard Co, a professional supplier and manufacturer since 1984, is a Chinese beauty false eyelash industry leading enterprise, has a history of more than 10 years specializing in the production of a false eyelash. Goodyard opens the broad market based on the professional view of the market and professional technology.


Goodyard eyelash now contains nine categories, including domestic chemical fiber adhesive, importing chemical fiber adhesive, the human hair; feather material etc. They are mainly applied to the daily beauty, the dancing party, fashion show, dolls.

The most popular material is mink lash. It is made of real mink lashes which are handmade with 100%pure mink fur to create the natural look and luxurious feeling. These fascinating high fashion real mink lashes are so realistic, elegant and sexy. They make you look just like born with naturally flower eyelashes.

eyelash types

How to apply it?

First, take off a strip of lashes from the tray,

Then adhere the lash strip onto the back of your hand, tape the two ends of the strip to secure the position, the last step is using tweezers and take off the lash from the strip.

In salon or beauty spar, individual lash also called bulk lash are becoming more and more popular. We produce colored lashed with bulk package. These colored lashed are great for point accessories for special events. If you choose a suitable color, you will look more gorgeous.

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