Are you a hair extensions salon? Are you a hair extension specialist? Do you know how your hair extension weft been produced? Are you curious about the process of hair extension weft production? Goodyard Hair as a professional hair extension supplier, always supply high quality remy hairs material with exquisite work. Sometimes the real process of production may different from what you think. Generally there are 6 steps of process, each step is followed by strict technological process to make sure the remy hairs material maintain high quality. Please keep reading to explore more secrets of your hair extension weft!

Raw material collection and classification
The smaller the cuticle, the thinner the hair, then the less the frictional force. So the thinner virgin hair is the best to avoid knotting.

Assorting the hair to different lengths
This procedure requests keep hair cuticle intact and in the same direction. Once there is some hair left out from the bulk when assorting, they cannot be used to make cuticle hair products, because we are unable to distinguish whether its cuticle is still in the same direction. In order to avoid knotting, we have to give up those good quality as well virgin hair.

To mark the top and ends of the hair material
This procedure is still to make sure the hair cuticle in the same direction by marking each hair strand’s top and end. None of up-to-down hair strand is acceptable throughout all the procedures.



Washin to decontaminate the dirty things in the hair.
Comparing the hair colors with standard color ring to confirm they are the same
Drying Hair

Sorting to Different Length Grade Ratios
Clarifying the hair to different length ratio according to customers request, such as Braid ratio, Regular ratio, Full End, Double Drawn etc.

Sewing weft
The Triple sewing machine can make sure the weft with a triple reinforced, still very thin, allows seamless application and preventing shedding. Special for cuticle hair products procedure, the remaining hair strands are not allowed to re-sewn to the extension weft, because the cuticle may be not in the same direction already.


After all of these process, your hair extenion weft is ready for using! Whether tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, i tip hair extenions or any other remy hair extension, you can find them at Goodyard Hair! We are devoted to supply high quality remy hair to hair extension wholesale market and hair extension salon, if you are interested in any hair extenions, please feel free to contact us!

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