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Maintain Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Women like to wear the wigs because they can let you change your hairstyle whenever you want and protect your natural hair at the same time.A human hair wig with good quality and fine workmanship is expensive. So it’s important to know how to maintain and care the wigs. Here we would like to introduce three ways to do it easily.


Wear and Use it Correctly

Wig wearing is a skill that makes perfect. Don’t pull the wig with brute force during wearing, just find the right position.When wearing wigs, we should also take care of our wigs. One is not to expose to the sun or be exposed to acid rain; the other is to use a comb with sparse crevices to comb the wigs. Pay attention to the less spray gel water, hair wax and other styling agents on the wig.

Wash Tips

The maintenance and washing methods of human hair wigs are very simple, just like washing our own hair. The first step of washing is to soak the hair with warm water. This process only takes a few minutes. In the washing process, you can add a soft shampoo for washing, and then gently grab the hair with your hands. Okay, don’t twist it by hand, too much force will cause the wig to fall out. After cleaning, you can use some hair care products to maintain your wig. After all, no matter how real the wig is, it will not be able to absorb nutrients from the body like real hair, so you have to go to the store for special maintenance every once in a while.


Correct Storage Method

After thoroughly washing the wig, dry it in a cool place and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the wig. Do not stack the wig, which will cause creases in the hair.

Goodyard Hair can provide unique design and custom service to each clients. We’ll also share more maintain tips for our clients. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.



The angular fringe was an emerging trend among male fashion models in 2014, and it was so widely popular, we are certain it will become a widely popular trend among all men in 2015. This look is achieved with tapered sides, but keeps the top layer long and cut at angle. It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a round face.



The Caesar haircut is a popular buzz cut, but for good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. With a dab of cream or styling gel, the spiked look can be achieved in a matter of seconds, and will stay in place all day, with little to no maintenance required.



This simple casual hairstyle is a classic for good reason. Similar to the slicked back look, this can be achieved with a little hair gel or styling cream, and a quick brush through. Keep the hair shorter on the sides and longer on the top for an easy to maintain look.



This style is welcomed by the young. Similar to the slicked back look, this can be achieved with a little hair gel or styling cream, and a quick brush through. Keep the hair much shorter on the sides and quite longer on the top and comb the top hair up and casual.




This side part pompadour will definitely make a comeback. Pompadours have commonly been seen throughout fashion history because they can be done with hair of various lengths – keeping it either long or short on top. Keep the style in place with pomade.


How to Choose the Best Wigs

If you’ve lost all or most of your hair(no matter what reason–chemo or genetics), you might want to consider a wig. But choosing a suitable one, there must be many things to be considered, hoping the following guide will enable you to select a wig that suits you.


1.) Choose the hair material, human hair or synthetic hair?

You need to decide whether you want to buy a human hair wig, or a synthetic wig. Human hair can look as realistic as real hair and can last much longer than synthetic wig, but need to be designed by your hairstylist according to your face shape, with also caring for it as well. Synthetic hair is simply much easier to style and care for because the artificial polymers hold their shape much better than real hair does, the price is also much cheaper than human material. All of these are things you need to take into consideration.


2.) Select the cap construction: Capless, Lace or Mono top?

After confirming the material, you need to choose the cap, now there are three normal constructions like capless (all machine-made), lace and mono top. Usually if you like synthetic material, capless will be OK. But for human hair, lace and mono top will be better.

Lace and mono top are all hand-tied. This gives the appearance of individual hairs growing from our own scalp, which is very natural looking.


3.) Measure your head–how do I know my head size?

Head size has very little to do with the overall size of a person. It is best not to make any assumptions about fit, but to take measurements. Please check the following picture, measure your size step by step. You will know your cap size: Small, Medium or Large.


If choosing synthetic material, please browse through our catalog and determine which styles fit your needs. For human hair, all can be made into wavy or curl, but if you have some new ideas about wigs, please choosing a normal one, then let your hairstylist cut and design some new styles according to your request.

5.) Colors

Choosing the right wig color can be a challenge, I advice that making wigs with softer, more natural colors or blends of colors, that will be more natural looking and simply easier to make you look great. After all, most woman’s hair isn’t just a single color, rather it’s a mixture of coloring, so mixed colors will look more natural than stark solid colors.

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