As a professional supplier of all kinds of hair extensions, we constantly get asked how to attach those magic hair extensions. Actually, it is really very simple. Here, we would like to share the procedures of our Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

A Micro Ring Hair Extension is a hairpiece usually made with human hair, and can be attached to the wearer’s scalp by a micro ring. Wearing the micro ring hair extensions, you can thicken your hair base or lengthen your hairstyles according to your needs. The strand of hair holds in place using a soft micro ring with silicon inside without any glue to protect your own hair and is very stable.




Separate clean/dry hair into four sections.

Begin by sectioning off the top and bottom into two parts. Then separate the top portion into two sections and also the bottom half into two sections. Clip aside each section


Select a small strand of your own natural hair and thread the hair into the clear fishing line circle by hooking the hair using a latch needle.


Slide the micro ring down over the hair towards the scalp; Pull the fishing line circle completely through the ring, so that the hair is threaded through the ring.


Now the fishing line circle is free, and the micro ring hair is lying alongside the natural hair.


Close the micro ring by using pliers.


Repeat above steps until the entire head is complete.

Although the ring has been attached to your hair, it is perfectly invisible and the best part is….you cannot feel it. Please remember these hairs are attached permanently. That means you can wash and apply heat to them just like your normal hair.

Finally, please make sure the hair you use is Remy Hair or Virgin Remy Hair to make sure the hair doesn’t tangle and remains silky. We here at Uniwigs always supply top quality Remy Hair and Virgin Remy Hair Extensions.

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