You will see a lot of information regarding lace front wigs for wholesale throughout the internet, there are many different types of lace front wig hair, such as Chinese Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Mongolian Hair, Malaysian Hair and so on. In order to carry out Lace front wig wholesaling, suppliers firstly need to make sure the hair material is good quality and is full of body. One of the things that keep coming up time and time again is the Indian Remy hair. This is the most common type of hair that is used to make Indian Remy Lace front wigs.

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Although most of the lace front wig wholesales are supplying Indian Remy lace front wigs, but many people have no idea what this stands for in the hair industry. Remy hair is also known by other names, such as cuticle hair, cut hair or virgin hair. This hair is in its most natural state, and hasn’t been put through any kinds of chemical processing. What makes it particularly special is that Remy hair is from a single donor and kept together in one piece.

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This is why the hair is so desirable; it maintains the same texture, consistency, color, highlights and length. The hair is called virgin hair because the cuticles are completely intact and they face the same direction, which helps control problems such as tangling and matting, and is the main reason why you can style Remy hair in any way.

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Let’s make up our beautiful hair with the Indian Remy Lace front wigs

If you are very curious to understand how to apply the Indian Remy lace front wigs using a liquid adhesive, just read ahead and understand the steps involved.

When you are using liquid glue, be sure to buy one that is specially designed for this purpose. Try to make use of the glue that comes with your purchase of Indian Remy lace front wigs. Make sure that you don’t apply too much glue.

1. First, fasten the front portion of the wig at the back so that you don’t have to apply glue to fasten the wig on your forehead. Ensure that you keep your real hair getting tangled up with the glue.

2. It’s at your discretion to remove the wither baby hair of your Indian Remy lace front wigs or have it as such, i.e. leaving it as it is.

3. Now apply pressure and fix the Indian Remy Lace front wigs on your head at the same point where you applied the glue.

4. Going to the next point, Apply a thin layer of glue and press firmly so that the wig gets fixed firmly on your head.

5. Repeat this process from edge to edge on your head until it’s complete.

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