What is a Toupee?

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A toupee is an extremely popular hair product that is usually worn to disguise a bold spot on the head. It is easy to wear and requires no surgical procedures. Only by special hairpiece tape or bonding adhesives need to be used. There are many kinds of toupees including men’s toupee, hair and women’s toupee. However, the most common one is primarily used for men, since it is men whom mainly suffer the problem of hair loss. Therefore the toupee is the best available solution for it.

Differences between the Toupee and a Wig


Usually a wig is designed to cover the entire scalp of the wearer and should blend in with the natural hair color and style of the wearer. Wigs can be used to demonstrate a new appearance and hairstyle which could be removed from the head by simple operations. The toupee is a one of a kind hairpiece. The main function for the toupee is to reveal the look of a full head of hair even though hair loss has been suffered.

The application of the toupee is much more complicated than that of the wig. An adhesive is used in order to hold the toupee in place. The key point of the toupee is to match the wearer’s natural hair as closely as possible. Just like wigs, human hair, synthetic materials and animal hair are available materials for the toupee. Just like wigs, human hair is the best quality and it is better to turn to a stylist to attach the toupee to the scalp. Removing it only when a replacement is needed.

How to apply a Toupee?


1 Clean the scalp by rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to remove natural body oils. Use witch hazel if you have dry or sensitive skin.
2 Apply the liquid toupee adhesive or toupee tape around the edges of the inside of the toupee. To apply liquid toupee adhesive, use an applicator brush to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the edges of the toupee. Place a towel down under the toupee to prevent the adhesive from getting on counters. To apply toupee tape, stick the tape around the edges of the toupee and smooth the tape down. Ensuring that the tape does not stick out past the edges of the toupee. Once the tape is securely in place, remove the protective backing from the tape and apply.
3 Hold the toupee over your head and find the place where the toupee will sit.
4 Press the toupee down on your scalp and hold. Wait for the glue to dry or tape to stick in order for the toupee to stay in place.
5 Style the toupee as desired.