Are you looking for stock hair systems? Especially for lace hair systems because many hair system suppliers already sold out this style. Due to COVID-19, the production for making new lace hair systems is much longer than before, many hair system factories in china also update new stock of lace toupee more slowly than before. Glad to tell you Goodyard hair system supplier is working hard to solve this problem and the hot-sale men hair systems style will be ready soon. Let’s read more there.

Why choose Goodyard hair systems?

Good quality is always the key to our hair system business, so it is also the first important thing we need to consider. All men hair systems are made with exquisite handcarts and strict quality control. You can see the difference between ours and unsatisfactory quality on the market.3.10

Features of Goodyard Quality
Tiny undetectable hair knots
Each knot with 1-2 strands of hair
Invisible hairline
Natural density distribution
Soft & Comfortable application experience

Features of Unsatisfactory Quality
Super big hair knots
Each knot with 3-4 strands of hair
Visible & Rigid hairline
Coarse & Rough application experience

What styles will be ready?

Due to the high demand for lace hair systems for men in the market, many of our customers are also looking for stock lace hair systems, so we mainly prepare some new stocks of lace models.As we all know,the lace men toupee is both invisible and breathable, it’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, so even if the price is slightly higher than poly skin or monofilament base, they are also very popular.

Here we would like to recommend three coming styles:
Swiss Lace :

This style has a base made entirely of transparent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability.Swiss lace is the thinnest and lightest lace available on the market. Each hair is hand-tied onto the lace base, creating natural hair movement. All the knots in the front hairline are perfectly bleached and the hair looks just like it is growing out from your scalp. The ready swiss lace hair systems will be 7*9”,#1B and made of indian remy human hair quality.




The lace hair system is a base combined with lace and poly. The center of the base is made of lace, 1” of Pu around the perimeter of the base. There is also half an inch of lace in the front of the base providing your clients with a natural hairline. The thin PU around the perimeter also makes it easy to attach and remove the tape or glue.




The base size of omilliance skin hair system is 8”x10” and it has PU skin in the back and 1″ of French lace in the front. The French lace in the front has bleached knots, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. The Skin PU in the back makes the hairpiece durable and easy to apply and remove.




There are also various other lace or Pu base styles in stock now. Welcome to contact us get the stock list and wholesale price and visit our website to get more information.