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How to Open an Online Store for Your Hair Salon?

Having an online store can prevent a pandemic. It is really 2020, and many industries have been affected by COVID-19. Your beauty industry is no exception! Many of our salon customers who purchase hair extensions now also have their online stores. So here, we want to share our ideas on how to open an online store for a hair salon.

Why open an online store?

Online stores can provide an alternative source of income when the salon doors are closed. 2020 year is a special year, we saw the closure of thousands of small businesses,who don’t have a backup plan before. In the hair industry, many hair salons have been greatly affected because they have been closing stores for a long time and cannot serve their customers. Now, you will have the opportunity to grow your business in an unprecedented way. Have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand your opportunities.


When you open an online store, you will continue to sell regardless of whether your business is open to provide face-to-face services.But what can you sell in your online shop, especially for individuals who don’t have to go to a salon to apply for it?

Base on our over 30 years of experience on the hair industry, here, we would like to recommend these three ready-to-wear extensions for retail business, especially for online shops. Your customers can purchase extensions online and apply them by themselves. Therefore, they are a good choice for retail business.

Ready to wear extensions

Clip-in hair extensions:

Clip-on hair extensions are a quick, easy and temporary method that you can do by yourself to achieve longer and fuller hair without glue, pain or hair damage. They are easy to fix and can be perfectly matched and blended with your customers’ own hair to create longer length, more volume hair.

Halo extensions:

Halo hair extension is another simple hair extension for longer, fuller hair.They are very suitable for first-time users, and easy to wear, just a few minutes can be suitable for daily wear. They are put on the top of your head and fasten them with thin invisible wires. Your customers can also take off them anytime they want!

Ponytail extensions:

Ponytail hair extensions are very suitable for grooming the next day’s hair, making your customers feel at home.They are the perfect choice for women who want long ponytails. Therefore, they are a great way for you to add volume.


Wholesale collaboration:

If you are a retailer or online shop distributor that offers retail hair extension services, feel free to enquire about a partnership with us to receive a wide range of exclusive benefits.

Custom orders can be accepted, and unique colors can be made for customers. The minimum order quantity should be 5pcs per length ,color and style. We can also provide affordable wholesale prices, then you can sell the hair extensions at a more competitive price. Welcome to send us your inquiry to if you are looking for a wholesale partner.

If you’re thinking of starting hair extension services to your clients, we offer a business start-up package for you to start your online business successfully.





FAQ About Goodyard Wholesale Hair Extensions

As a professional hair extension supplier, we receive inquiries every day from different countries, such as USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. For new customers who want to establish a relationship with Goodyard Hair Factory, they will have some questions to ask us, so we put together these frequently asked questions to let our new potential customers know more about us.

FAQ1: I am looking to start my hair extensions business, would you like to tell me more information about your services?

As a professional hair manufacturer for more than 30 years, we also support customers who just start up their hair extension business. To make it easy to get started, we provide “Start-Up Package” service support.

Due to COVID-19, many customers like to buy human hair extensions online. Therefore, in this special time, online extension business has become a new trend. So we suggest that you also can start selling hair extensions online, such as our popular clip in hair extensions and halo hair extensions which can allow your customers to apply at home by themselves, in a variety of lengths and colors for your customers to choose from. By the way, we also supply the color swatch with over 30 different popular colors. In addition, we can also provide you with Shopify’s packaging design/website construction for free, if you cooperate with us, your online business will be easier to carry out.
FAQ3:Can you do the private package for my brand hair?

Yes, we can make custom packages. Please send us your packaging design in PDF format, or send us your logo directly, we will help you design for free.

FAQ4: Could you give me more info on hand-tied extensions?

Yes, the hand-tied weft extensions are becoming more and more popular in many hair salons and are also favored by hairstylists. Thinner and flatter than traditional machine weft. So they can provide a more seamless natural look. We have fresh stock and the delivery time is within a week. 100g/ set, 6 pieces, each piece 30cm wide.

FAQ5: What’s your minimum order quantity?

Sample order, 100g per size and color is acceptable. Order in bulk. The quantity for each style should be 300g per size and color.

Goodyard Hair extension manufacturer offer a wide range of hair extensions including hair wefts, tape in hair extensions wholesale, pre-bonded hair extensions and 100% human hair clip in hair extensions. Welcome to visit our website to learn more about us.

How to start your hair extension business?

Are you engaged in a hair-related business or planning to do it? Or maybe you’re professional hair stylists, salon owners, hair shop owners, or starting to do the online retailer, help the customers buying hair extensions online, but don’t know how to get things moving, few tips to help you.

Create a business plan
A business plan is key to starting, writing a business plan should be your first step when starting any business. It helps you with a clear objective, and gives you a good idea of what you need to do to be successful.


Find a reliable hair extension supplier

A reliable hair extension supplier will be a great partner of your business, who can offer the quality hair products, help you solve the after-sale service, develop new products… Good hair supplier will be your powerful backing, Goodyard serve to large and small hair business, offer the best solutions with years experience and workman crafts.

Choose the suitable hair products

Sometime things are difficult for starting, so it’s better to start with familiar products, and expand step by step.

1.Choose the suitable hair extensions type.

Like hair weft extensions, keratin hair extensions, or microlines hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, even the innovation hand tied weft extensions, flat weft extensions. All need to be applied by professional hair stylist/dresser/technician, unable to be used by customers themselves, need one to one service, the traditional business model.

Others like extension tape in, clip in remy extensions, remy halo extensions, ponytail hair extensions, sometime could be done by customers, themselves can experience the fun of DIY, and these are the best products for online retailer business also.hand-tied-weft-extensions

2.Choose the suitable quality hair extensions.

Normally, the market demand is always different depending on the clients consumption power and usage. We are producing different grades of hair to meet the different request to make the value is worthy for what you pay.

What’s the common lifespan at your local markets? And if you do have demands of re-dye or perm processing, or what’s the hair colors you normally do for your customers. If you’re doing bayalage/ombre/highlights colors, pure virgin remy hair will be the great one; Virgin remy hair good at light colors, while remy hair good at dark colors.


Re-dye:4-5 times

Lifespan:24 months


Re-dye:2-3 times

Lifespan:18 months



Lifespan:6 months

Go into action

Sample ordering is the best way to start the business, to be professional wholesale business, pre-order samples should be necessary for both sellers and buyers. 10-20g hair samples could be sent for FREE, usually via DHL / UPS / FEDEX Express, only shipping costs.

By the way, if you are looking for enough samples for a period personal application test, maybe by yourself or for your customers, we suggest you to order at least 100 gram and even more, to be a more comprehensive testing, the sample cost depends on the hair details, such as lengths and colors.

Personal branding, the art of creating a unique professional image. Goodyard design department will realize your dream, putting your dream into action. As long as you have a branding dream, we will help you achieve it!

Are you ready? Feel free to contact with us, our professional sales consultant team will be more than happy to help, or get more information at website:

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