Are you engaged in a hair-related business or planning to do it? Or maybe you’re professional hair stylists, salon owners, hair shop owners, or starting to do the online retailer, help the customers buying hair extensions online, but don’t know how to get things moving, few tips to help you.

Create a business plan
A business plan is key to starting, writing a business plan should be your first step when starting any business. It helps you with a clear objective, and gives you a good idea of what you need to do to be successful.


Find a reliable hair extension supplier

A reliable hair extension supplier will be a great partner of your business, who can offer the quality hair products, help you solve the after-sale service, develop new products… Good hair supplier will be your powerful backing, Goodyard serve to large and small hair business, offer the best solutions with years experience and workman crafts.

Choose the suitable hair products

Sometime things are difficult for starting, so it’s better to start with familiar products, and expand step by step.

1.Choose the suitable hair extensions type.

Like hair weft extensions, keratin hair extensions, or microlines hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, even the innovation hand tied weft extensions, flat weft extensions. All need to be applied by professional hair stylist/dresser/technician, unable to be used by customers themselves, need one to one service, the traditional business model.

Others like extension tape in, clip in remy extensions, remy halo extensions, ponytail hair extensions, sometime could be done by customers, themselves can experience the fun of DIY, and these are the best products for online retailer business also.hand-tied-weft-extensions

2.Choose the suitable quality hair extensions.

Normally, the market demand is always different depending on the clients consumption power and usage. We are producing different grades of hair to meet the different request to make the value is worthy for what you pay.

What’s the common lifespan at your local markets? And if you do have demands of re-dye or perm processing, or what’s the hair colors you normally do for your customers. If you’re doing bayalage/ombre/highlights colors, pure virgin remy hair will be the great one; Virgin remy hair good at light colors, while remy hair good at dark colors.


Re-dye:4-5 times

Lifespan:24 months


Re-dye:2-3 times

Lifespan:18 months



Lifespan:6 months

Go into action

Sample ordering is the best way to start the business, to be professional wholesale business, pre-order samples should be necessary for both sellers and buyers. 10-20g hair samples could be sent for FREE, usually via DHL / UPS / FEDEX Express, only shipping costs.

By the way, if you are looking for enough samples for a period personal application test, maybe by yourself or for your customers, we suggest you to order at least 100 gram and even more, to be a more comprehensive testing, the sample cost depends on the hair details, such as lengths and colors.

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