Few women have the hair that they want. Those with curly hair long for straight looks while those with straight hair do everything in their power to achieve those desirable curls. Women with short hair think they want long while their sisters with long looks ponder something much shorter. There are options available to help us change our look on a nearly daily basis. Now, a great variety of hair pieces for women are available in a multitude of colors.


Ponytail hairpieces, clip-in hairpieces, hair bun, all these hair pieces for women are designed to blend with existing hair. Hairpieces come in many colors and styles, and let’s learn how to choose the hairpieces suitable for you.


  1. Decide the looks that you would like to achieve with your hairpieces. Do you want to make your hair appear longer? Do you want thicker looking hair? Do you crave curls, lovely loose waves, bone straight hair or something else? Whatever your desires might be, it is important to identify them specifically before moving on to the next step.


  1. Determine if you want to maintain that color or return to your natural shade. If you purchase one or more hairpieces to match your dyed hair, you will need to be able to maintain that color in order to continue using your hairpiece. In many instances, it might be more beneficial to return to your normal hair color and purchase hairpieces that match your natural shade. Of course, if you purchase human hair pieces, you will have more options with regard to color and style than if you choose synthetic pieces that can’t be dyed.
  1. Consider investing in high quality virgin human hair pieces. Hairpiece designers and distributors purchase virgin human hair pieces that have never been chemically processed, and this is preferred for every day or daytime use. Ponytail hairpieces made from virgin human hair last 2-3 times longer than that made from normal human hair, and the price is worth it.1
  2. Inject some fun into life with inexpensive accent hairpieces. These easy to apply synthetic hairpieces such as synthetic ponytail hairpieces can give the temporary and dramatic appearance for a dance, wedding or a party.


  1. Select an attachment method that suits you. Temporary methods use liquid adhesive, tape or clips to secure the hairpiece. A special glue frequently used by balding individuals keeps the hairpiece in place during swimming and showering.
  1. Find a stylist who is familiar with hair pieces for women if you want a suitable hairpiece. These hairpieces may not be ready to wear, and need to be trimmed and styled before use.