The Couture Summer 15 fashion shows have been happening in 26th, Jan and this hair is from the Christian Dior show. Its seriously one of the coolest hair styles I have ever seen.

The double pony look with the different hoops is the newest fashion in the summer shows of 2015.  The pony tail hair extensions really finish off the look and really makes it stand out from the hairstyles we have seen before. The hair has been back combed at the top to add hight. The top part of the hair has been split into 2 sections with the upper part being the ponytail that has been tucked into the hair to create the lop and add the ring and the extension becomes the ponytail.

This double pony look with hoops hairstyle is not easy to get but absolutely can earn enough attention. It deserved. The sleekness and layering of the hairstyle with the hoops and ponytail make the model be the focus of people. Fashionable and individual.

This hairstyle with metal hoops is created by the legend Guido Palau and designer Raf Simons. The two ponytails connected by the hoops look just like an organic whole. Full of the feel of future science and technology.

It’s so amazing hairstyle that everyone deserve it. Would you like to try? I believe this hairstyle would be popular in women, so why don’t you use the hair bulk to help your clients get this perfect hairstyle? Don’t hesitate to get the top quality remy human hair bulks with wholesale price from Goodyard.

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