Gossip Girl, is a unique hot American Drama, leaving young people with a very deep impression. No matter what you think, it is messy, reasonless, affecting, sexy, fashionable and you have to admit that this drama has completely affected the global fashion field.

The girls’ beauty, fashion and hair styles. The fashionable dresses have totally attracted our attention. It is very common and understandable when we go to a salon, we will directly say: I want a hairstyle like Blake Lively or Leighton Meester. Now, let’s enjoy their amazing hair styles together.

Blake Lively

Mature Design, Natural Silky Straight Golden Shiny Long Hair.

Daily Natural Wave made by curling irons, no need for special treatment and can present the Sexy Queen Style.

Lively, as a celebrity, they are always attending all kinds of famous brand fashion shows. No matter whether it is a simple ponytail or an elegant bun, the more simple hairstyles, the more delicate.

Leighton Meester

Our Queen B loves hair bands so much; she will wear a hair band for at least 5 days a week. The Band has become little B’s symbol. The logo must be on the right side to present her queen position.

No matter whether she has natural straight hair or noble wavy hair; her cute and lovely smile will hang on her face all the time.

Out of the drama, our short hair Queen Blair is living around us. Just using a simply BOB hair to make her a modern day, sexy woman.