The most beautiful moment in a girl’s life is stepping into the palace of marriage and seeing her future beloved husband. The bride hairstyle and wedding dress are highly popular with girls of all ages patiently waiting for their day in the spotlight. In the current fashionable wedding ceremony, making an ancient bride hairstyle can impress a lot of people. Simple, elegant with a beautiful temperament leave a long lasting gorgeous impression on guests. A beautiful moment for a beautiful memory.

Bride Hair

The gentle low side bun, matching white headdress flower with a side pointed bang makes your face look extra beautiful and improves your temperament. A soft peachy colored lipstick allows the lace wedding dress to appear more ancient European. Allowing people to feel deeply attracted by the bride’s elegant temperament.

Bride Hairstyle

The Hand push curly hairstyle itself has a feeling of ancient modern style. Side pointed post frontal gives us a feeling of charm, confidence and attractiveness. This Simple bun makes the bride look simple yet elegant.

Bride Hair style

This kind of bride hairstyle is full of classical ancient temperament. With her Fluffy side low bun gives her a gentle, feminine look. Post-frontal lace hair is the key for the ancient temperament. Reticular lace and big flower styles represent an elegant, pure and classy look.


Elegant with a little lazy natured low bun is suitable for various kinds of wedding dresses. It is always the most popular hairstyle among the brides these days. Lace hair bands bring in a kind of Greek Goddess look.

Bride and Hair style

The Little crown is always the first choice for brides in Asian cultures. Middle pointed updo makes the bride’s face shape perfect and beautiful. The Loose bun at the back gives them an elegant temperament. The Flashy crown is in full view of the guests giving them a classical feeling. The bride appears like a princess from a fairytale book.

Which one do you like best?