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The History of Fringe

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Jane Fonda, 1970

Do you think this is the coolest image of models? Striking fringe, intelligent eyes, they all did for the role of the firm “Barbarella”.

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Farrah Fawcett, 1976

Stylist Allen Edwards has designed this fluffy fringe for Farrah Fawcett. It attracts thousands of coedna to follow this trend.

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Loni Anderson, 1980

She wasn’t borned with blonde hair. But her flaxen fringe made her extraordinary in the movie “WKEP in Cincinnati”, and remained popular for the next 10 years.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, 1985

Although it needs a few hundred grammes of mousse and super powered hair dryer to make the most trendy fringe in the 80’s, there are always some girls want to be more natural. Just like the tenuous fringe of SJP.

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Christina Applegate, 1987

Just like the silly Kelly Bundy in the movie “Married…With Children”, Applegate blew her fringe towering to the sky. She felt “you see, this skyward fringe is too silly.” Well, maybe……But everyone pursued such modelling at that time.


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Goodyard 2014 hair trends on Cosmoprof North America Exhibition

Sharing is something that Goodyard has always been doing. Goodyard is the member of PBA and attends the annual PBA Beauty Week without fail each year. PBA Beauty Week is hosted by Cosmoprof North America; it is North America’s largest, most inclusive beauty event, offering unlimited networking, education and business-to-business opportunities to all sectors of the professional beauty industry. Exchanging views on products and designs with other professionals allowing us to build a healthy market, which is more beneficial to consumers.

Goodyard took part in the exhibition, Cosmoprof North America, in Las Vegas during July 14 to 16. This event is for beauty industry professionals only. It focuses in on particular manufacturers, distributors, professional beauty product buyers and retail stores. After discussing with these professionals worldwide, Goodyard summarizes 2014 hair trends.

Without question, tape on hair extension is still the most popular product among all kinds of hair extensions. Based on the experiences working close with salons and stylists, Goodyard innovate the tape on hair extensions, which is more invisible.

With tape on hair extension, there’s one innovative hair extension called “flip in” that attracts the buyers’ attention on the show.

As to colors, ombre is the most popular by the market. Besides two ombre colors, Goodyard is designing three ombre colors, and even four ombre colors.

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