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Why Choose the Pre bonded Hair Extensions from Goodyard Hair factory?

Pre bonded hair extensions are also called keratin bonded hair extensions or fusion hair extensions,which are popular Semi-permanent hair extensions on hair salons. If you are looking at the pre-bonded hair extensions, welcome to keep reading there.


Goodyard Hair has been a leading hair extension manufacturer since 1984. We provide 100% human hair extensions professionals, such as hair salons, wholesalers, hairstylists, online distributors, etc. We make it our priority to know our customers’ needs to provide them with the highest premium quality human hair and exceptional services.

So what’s the quality of pre-bonded hair extensions you can get from Goodyard Hair factory?

 Features: All hair keratin extensions are made with our exquisite workmanship. We use the Authentic Italian Keratin glue, strong hold without slip, no damage to customers’ bio hair or hair extensions. Every strand conforms to standard size. Usually, we can make 0.5g/strand, 0.8g/strand, and 1g/strand or custom the weight you like.


Hair Quality:

That’s one of the most important items that every customer should concern. It’s also the key to your hair business. Goodyard hair supply different type of hair quality according to different customer requests and market demands. One is the best virgin human hair which is collected from young braids,never be permed or colored, and the cuticle is kept in the same direction, so the hair is more silky and smooth, which can last near one year under proper care. They are also a good choice to create complex light blond colors and balayage colors because the raw material is healthier. The hair can also be styled ,colored to different styles by hairstylists. The other type of hair is remy human hair with competitive price and last for 6 months ,mainly for the middle market. If you dont know what type of hair is right for you, you can contact our sales consultant or try a sample order of this two hair quality first.


Hair Color:

Every customers want to have beautiful hair extension color. Goodyard Hair is also committed to make beautiful and trendy colors to our clients. We now have supply two hair color systems. One is basic color without any chemical treatment, they can be dyed into other colors by the stylists according to the customer’s requirements. The other color is a customized color, which has better color fixation. We will provide free color swatches for sincere customers to choose the exact hair color they want. There are solid colors such as black, brown or blonde and popular Balayage colors for your choice. Welcome to learn about our dyeing process videos on Youtube.

Are you looking for the pre-bonded hair extensions for your business? Welcome to visit our website and send us your inquiry . Your inquiry will be replied by our professional sales team within 24hours.

Why Keratin hair extensions?

Not everyone’s natural born hair are long and thick, but we can change by 100 human remy hair extensions. There are different kinds of hair extensions, like hair weft, tape-in hair, remy clip in, micro-bead extensions, among many other kinds. Today let’s talk about the keratin extensions!100-human-remy-hair-extensions

What’s Keratin Hair Extension?
Keratin hair extensions, also called for pre bonded hair, are made in individual hair strands, bonded to your hair with adhesive, or use micro beads. Compare to the hair wefts or clip-in hair extensions, they are kind of smaller, create a more natural look and a more durable installation, making it a traditional favorite for hairdressers and clients.

Keratin hair extensions normally including below 4 style, according to the shape of keratin bond, use which style depends on the hairdresser’s habits.

  • V TIP
  • U TIP

And the bond color normally made for transparent, but it’s also changeable, to match the hair color, view the video for black keratin bond:

The Benefits/Features of Keratin Bonded Extensions.

As mentioned above, keratin hair extensions provide a much more natural looking than many other types of extensions. Easy to install, high quality hair, add volume and length to your hair.

With proper installation and care, the hair extensions can last for long time. Made by the Italian keratin glue bond, much more invisible, durable, flexible and anti-shedding. And it’s 100% human remy hair, so the wearers can dye and heat style the hair extensions, just like your own hair.pre-bonded-hair

How To Care The Keratin Hair Extensions?

No matter which kind of hair extensions, all need proper hair care, none of these are indestructible. Proper hair care is necessary for keratin hair extensions also, use gentle shampoo and conditioner if necessary. When you have extensions install, wait few days to wash your hair. Limit styling, heating and hair washing possible, wash your hair only every other day. Use professional brush to protect the bond, braid or put hair to ponytail when sleeping, to prevent hair knotting. Better not swim with hair extensions, because the swim water may exist chemical composition.

Please note that hair extensions need a high maintenance, because it’s human hair like your own hair, even not like your own hair with nutritional supplement. Make sure you’re ready if you’re ready to get it. But hair extensions can add volume and length to your hair instantly, in a natural-looking way.

 Goodyard hair company a hair extension manufacturer in China since 1984, our hair products have been dispatched to over 80 countries, with 75% of our business being conducted in American, European and Australia markets. To learn more about our cold fusion hair extension, or any other questions about hair extensions, please contact us today! We’d love to help boost your business in the coming new year.

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Pre-bonded Hair Extensions 101: The Pros and Cons

The pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to natural hair using keratin, which is a protein composed of your own hair. They are also called fusion hair extensions and are very popular on hair salons.


How to install pre-bonded hair extensions?

The pre-bonded extensions are installed in strands. They use a heat connector to melt the keratin resin and fuse it into your natural hair roots. At Goodyard Hair, we make the hair strands in different weight according to customers’ different requests, such as 1g/strand, 0.5g/strand ,0.8g/strand etc.


What are the advantages of pre-bonded hair extensions?

They look natural, and they are actually undetectable.Compared with other types of extensions, pre-bonded extensions are safer and less prone to sliding. This makes them a great choice if you have a busy active life.

Pre-bonded hair is great for thinner or damaged hair, which may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of micro-rings or other fitting methods.They feel more comfortable than other types of hair, and you may even forget that you wear the extensions because they will blend well into your natural hair.

Are there any disadvantages?

They look natural, low maintenance costs, and very comfortable, but remember that with this method, heat is used to fuse the hair and natural hair, so there are some potential damage; if your hair is damaged, you need to think about it.

Would you like to have the pre-bonded hair extenions ? Welcome to leave your comments or send us your inquiry to .

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