Every women deserves beauty. Eyes are the windows to the soul, they deserves the best!  Eyelash extension is the best way to give you a bling look of eyes. So salons applying eyelash extensions become more and more popular around the world. We like the full look of beautiful eyelash extensions but sometimes they’re too heavy for us, what can we do for this? Beauty and comfort are both important. Now I’d like to commend our new arrival –  Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions II for you, I believe they’ll be your best choice and popular through your clients.

Now let me introduce our amazing ellipse flat lash for you:

The NEW Flat Ellipse lashes are oval in shape and the flat lash II is hollow so it is lighter in weight than any other eyelash extensions. They look thin than the conventional ones in the side: .2mm flat lash looks like the .07 conventional one.

Because of their exclusive design and unique material, they can increase the lash width without adding any weight. And they’re very soft, flexible and durable. Only some lashes can give fullness without having to use too heavy extensions on the client. These lashes are easier to place and bring a bolder look and more glue area versus the conventional circular lash shape. The oval shape makes these lashes easy to place on the natural lash and also they are easy to stack lashes on top of them. The oval shape acts as a “base” to stack lashes on top. The flat lashes have a beautiful sheen that makes them “pop” on the clients eyes. It can save much time of you and your clients without any hurt on the look of the eyelashes. So they’re more and more popular in salons.

Flat lash has different style, for example, the shiny flat lash and the vivid style ones. The shiny flat lash will give your client bit of extra gloss, giving the lashes an extra sexy wet look. If your clients don’t like their lashes too glaring, afraid that they’ll reflect light back into their eyes in the sunlight, you can choose the vivid one that is not shining.

Learned so many about the flat lashes, then how about the size of them? Now we have synthetic ellipse flat lash with the size B C D J L curl, .1-.25 thickness and 7-16 length.

After reading my introduce of flat lashes, do you tempted? If you’d like to try them with the wholesale price, pls don’t hesitate to leave your msg of the flat lashes you want to the email gyh@goodyardhair.com or to my inbox of FB page: Goodyardhair.

Thanks for your reading and wish business is booming!