It’s one thing to be able to master the technical side of eyelash extensions, but being able to shape the eye and give your client a set that is perfect for their specific features is what will set you apart from other lash artists.

Always take into consideration what the client’s eye shape is. Are their eyes deep-set? Or are they protruding? Wide-set or close-set? Do they have hidden lids? Are their eyes round or almond shaped?

If you were to put the same length of extensions on someone with protruding eyes as someone with deep set eyes, the extensions would look much shorter on someone deep set eyes. Be sure not to overpower small and close-set eyes with long, heavy extensions. Adding length and curl to hidden lids and deep set eyes can open up and accentuate your clients eyes. Those with almond shaped eyes look stunning with a glamorous cat eye shaped extensions. Those with sparse natural lashes will greatly benefit from Volume lashes.


Clients may come in asking for anything from a natural shape to a dramatic babydoll look. It’s your job as a lash artist to have a thorough consultation with your client to see if what they want is a good fit for their natural lashes. We all know by now that putting an extension that is too heavy and too long on a weak, flimsy natural lash is damaging to your clients lashes. Use the consultation as an opportunity to educate your client on the different styles of lashes and what would be a great fit for them. It may take a couple appointments to figure out what lengths, diameter, curl and placement works best for them and that’s okay! Let your client know that there’s a learning curve with new clients and to make sure they’re communicating with you what is working and what isn’t.

Here is perfect example of how long extensions look on someone with protruding eyes. Borby educator Miranda didn’t have to use anything longer than 12mm on her client to give her lots of length because of her eye shape.


Borby educator Kelly maps out how to create the perfect natural look. Our lashes are naturally shorter in the inside and outside corners and longest in the middle.

Eyelash extensions don’t always need to be long and glamorous to be beautiful. A more natural look can easily be created by only covering about 80% of the natural lashes with extensions and using a thinner diameter and shorter length.

D curl lashes open up the eyes and make them appear bigger. They also give clients that bold dramatic look!

The cat eye shape is created by starting with a shorter length on the inside corners and gradually increasing the length as you reach the outside corners.

Our focus as lash artists is to enhance our clients natural beauty, not overpower it. Mastering the skill of being able to artfully shape your clients lashes allows you to do just that. What’s your favorite shape to create for your clients? Let us know in the comments below!