1. Selection of Raw Hair

Hairs of the highest quality are sourced from different areas. Natural hair is usually shaved from women’s head and tied as a single piece in different lengths. Hairs in different lengths and sizes are assorted, segregated and sold at different prices. Careful selection needs to be done to procure the right type of hair. Only our skilled technicians are under the responsibility of this process.

Factory process

2. Arranging Hair & Hackling

The thickness percentage of the hair depends on the style and maintenance of the person who offers the hair. Some women prefer to have long hair and some have a mix of long and short hair.

By arranging the hair, we ensure that the head of the hair is even. It is further hackled to remove crude and unwanted short size hair before sending it for washing. The short hair and all unwanted hair are also removed in this process. The top and end of the hair should be arranged in the same direction only when it is remy hair. The different sizes are segregated before sent for washing. Hair loss in this process is between 5 – 10% of the total weight.

3. Washing & Coloring

The arranged hair is soaked in a solution of conditioners and detergents to remove the dirt, oil and other dust particles. The soaked hair is then washed in water several times until it is clean.

If the hair needs to be colored, skilled workers will use dyes or natural process to get the color that the customer requires. Colorful dyes can be made into thousands of colors by our coloring workers. Colored hair needs to be strictly checked to make sure. There is no difference with customers’ requirement.

4. Drying

Sunlight is essential for proper drying. Our sun dry the washed hair for several hours to make sure the hair becomes soft. During the rainy season, we may use the heater to dry. Though sun drying makes for almost 10 – 15% of weight loss after washing, it is easy to identify the texture of hair after proper drying.

5. Stocking

The dried hair is stocked in racks of different sizes for further process like wefting, hand-knotting, etc. These are also known as ready stock and this is what is available at any time. From this inventory, hair is selected for any other process. The total weight loss from the purchase of raw hair until this stage is around 30% or even more.