Unfortunately, not every hairstyle will look good on everyone. Even though some people can pull off the craziest hairstyles, there are certain ways to cut and style your hair that will make you look your best based on the shape of your face. Some hair colors look better on certain skin tones. Here are some hair style and color tips for your face shape and skin tone for women:


  1. Round Face Shapes

The best haircuts and hair styles for round shaped faces focus on slimming the face. Think about adding height with an up-style like Adele’s high beehive which can balance out a round face.

Shorter hairstyles work well on people with round face shapes. Consider a graduated bob that begins at the nape and rests to a point under the chin, as seen on Kelly Clarkson. Flattering hairstyles for round faces include layered fringes and layers that frame the face.


  1. Long /oval Face Shapes

You have an oval shaped and longer face, straight bangs across your forehead can make your face look wider. You would need to style them every day, but it doesn’t take long with a straightened. If you have long wavy or curly hair, a center part would look great as well. Oval faces look good with several different styles. If you have short hair, style your hair with layers or waves to have width.


  1. Square Face Shapes

Light shoulder-length layers all around that start a few inches above the ends with sweeping bangs. Feathery layers (which can be achieved with a razor) like Olivia Wilde’s camouflage a strong chin. “The airy ends prevent the eye from noticing any sharp corners,” says Garren. He recommends parting at the side for an asymmetrical effect, which also offsets squareness.


  1. Heart Shaped Faces

A collarbone-length crop with sweeping bangs and uniform layers. Reese Witherspoon’s shoulder-skimming layers draw your eyes away from the chin area and add balance.

Avoid hair styles with added height or any hairstyle that is too slicked back.