What They Are : EZ Weft Extensions, also known as Hair Swift Extension, is machine hair weft with micro rings attached, they are made by machine and micro rings sewed by hand along the weft.

Features: No damage and no chemicals applied to hair, including no wax, no glue, and no heat .

The pre-attached beads are much smaller and the technique used is able to hold onto thinner hair. Therefore they can work for anybody.

How to wear : It can be used to do hair extensions with 2 methods. It can only be used with extension plier and pulling needles to do hair extensions but also can
be used to do hair extensions with a weaving needle. Making it very easy to achieve length and volume!!!

Why you should get them : They are painless to install .They are light, flat and feel very comfortable .They are great for women with thin hair .They are undetectable if blended properly .They add beautiful lengths and volume and can be changed easily.

Where you can get them : Qingdao Goodyard Co.,Ltd (www.goodyardhair.com) produce and sell EZ Weft Extensions in various colosr and styles of EZ Weft Extensions for you choice.