The following are some tips about the eyelash extension application that I’d like to share with you:

1.Left hand divides the lash one by one. Right hand is responsible for sticking the eyelash extensions. Little finger is the support of your hand to make you hand safely and securely without shaking.

2.Choose the short lash, too long lash is irregular and easy to fall down.

3.Less adhensive is easy to dry fast, righting the lash to make them not easy to fall.

4.The length of glue area on one lash is better not less than 2mm. Big adhensive area will make your eyelash extension stick strong and not easy to fall.

5.1 mm from your eyelash root is the best distance that the eyelash extension should stick to. Too long or too messy make your eyelash shapeless. Too short will hurt your eyes.

6.No falling after swing the eyelash extension, no fork between your own lash and eyelash extensions. Then the application of eyelash extension is finished successfully.