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Nov. 27th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 27th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Sum up the experience of Cosmoprof Exhibition

With the 2 days Cosmoprof exhibition journey came to an end, we did harvest a lot of information from our guests. We understood better with what they were interested, what they needed and how they thought of the wigs and hair extensions because we had a chance to really cross the borders to communicate with them face to face instead of emailing or phone calling.

Also, we’ve learned that we should prepare well before we attend to an exhibition in a country which has own language (especially go to a non-English speaking country). We need to learn their culture, even learn a few sentences like their daily expression in their language to show more respect to them as well as have more opportunities to communicate with them in order to get more information for ourselves.

In shorts, I am truly appreciated that we have the chance to go to Cosmoprof On-Hair Exhibition to update my knowledge about the hair fashion area and get to know our clients better.

Goodyard team will still continue the Exhibition business trip every year.  Hope to meet all of our lovely clients and talk business face to face!

Next Station – Visiting VIP Customers in Europe all around!

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Nov. 26th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 26th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition 

Cosmoprof Day 2

The on hair show only take 2 days. The second day , Goodyard team met a very lovely family on second day at Cosmoprof. The mother of the family is a hair salon owner and attended the exhibition with all her family. She had a great interest in our heat resistant synthetic wigs, and almost every family member tried our wigs with her, and the father was one of them J We had a quite a relaxing conversation and the mother bought a pink synthetic wig with all support from her family in the end.

Obviously they love the trendy wigs and hair extensions. Place the trial order at once, prepare for the coming Xmas and new year holidays parties.

Another guest that made me impressed with is another exhibitor from a Milan Hair extension company. He was very professional and conversable. He asked if we came from Qingdao at first and asked a lot of questions about tape-in hair extensions, our warehouse location, delivery time, etc. We exchange our business card with each other. I really hoped we can have further cooperation in the near future.

In our spare time, River and I were willing to bring our catalog books and our business cards to drop in other exhibitors and to talk about their popular hair products and to learn how they set up the booth. At around 5:30 pm, all exhibitors, including us, start to pack up all or the left samples and remove all the display racks and stuff, which signified the Cosmoprof exhibition was drawing to an end.

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Nov. 24th, 2018 Bologna, ITALY Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolognal- On Hair Show & Exhibition

Nov. 24th, 2018  Bologna, ITALY


GOODYARD TEAM have attended kinds of International Cosmoprof Exhibitions for many years. This is the second time to be here in Bologna Italy.

Weather forecast had showed that 11/24, our first day in Bologna, was drizzling all day long, and it truly was, so we took a rest in hotel in the morning and stored up our energy for Move-in that day afternoon.

We arrived at the Piazza Della Costituzione (Exhibition Center) with two large baggages of hair extensions and wigs samples around 11:30 am. Our booth number was B18, which is a very lucky number in China. If you could pronounce it in Chinese, it means “必要发” (“make a fortune for sure”). After we located our booth, we started to set up our display racks and posters right away.


“Move-In” was a huge and complicated task indeed. We took almost six hours to finish all the work, but we all very delighted at our final result. The transformation of our booth was prominent.

You will find kinds of luxury innovative hair extensions, such as the Injection tape in hair, Hand made hair wefts, Italian Keratin bonded hair, Nano ring hair, Quality human hair lace wigs, and the most popular hairpiece toppers, even men hair replacement systems as well as Eyelash extensions.

We are trying to show the most innovative hair extensions and popular hair piece toppers to all of the clients, to help them know the market trends.


Goodyard to Attend Hair Expo Australia 2014

Goodyard has always attached great importance to be a professional and international hair products supplier since 1984. Nowadays, we have provided services to clients from various countries such as Australia, American, UK, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Africa etc and were highly praised for providing products with high quality and competitive price. hair expo 2014
In recent years, beauty and SPA industry has been developing rapidly in Australia. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over 8,000 beauty salon and 700 SPA centers. Always in the trends of the times, Goodyard see the potential of the big and specialized Australian market and will attend Hair Expo Australia to be held on June 7th to 9th. It will bring together the Southern Hemisphere’s hairdressing community, offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience the hottest brands and products, world class education, international talent and show stopping live performances.

hair products
With long time contact with the Australian customers, we figure out that the tape on and clip in hair extensions is the most popular ones. Synthetic wigs and hair weft are also among the favorite. So Goodyard hair some more high quality and improved above products and some new arrivals to Hair Expo to meet the demand of the Australian market especially salon owners and stylists.


For Hair Expo 2014, Goodyard will strongly launch wigs and hair extensions with ombre color. It is known that all that the ombre hair products usually need to use human hair as materials, which are very expensive. However, with core coloring technology, Goodyard can make ombre synthetic products similar like that of human hair and both meet the demand for competitive price and natural appearance.

Welcome to visit our booth in NO.1816 in Hair Expo Australia. In the coming and promising 2014, Goodyard will keep on moving to be more professional and effective for our customers benefits. See you June 7-9, 2014!

Goodyard at Cosmoprof Bologna 2013

Cosmoprof Bologna is the leading business-to-business beauty show aimed at professional exhibitors within the beauty industry. Including the beauty, spa, nails and hair sectors.

The 46thedition of Cosmoprof was held in Bologna Mar 8-11, 2013. Thousands of visitors attended the huge scale event in a hope to see the latest products from suppliers all over the world.


Goodyard has successfully attended this exclusive trade show this year again and got the chance to meet with our current and potential customers. Hereby Goodyard would like to thank you for your interest in our products and the support you have both shown and given us. Goodyard will keep striving hard to be the best possible supplier to our customers with the most innovative and top quality hair products. We will also offer you the best customer service and ensure your satisfaction with every purchase you make with us.


Goodyard will be at Cosmoprof again this year in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The show begins from July 14th-16th. We will be launching our new designs at the show! So come stop by and meet us in Las Vegas this summer!


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