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Eight Unfailing Classic Hairstyles

Some hairstyles are doomed to be the classic since they are born, no matter Marilyn Monroe or Blake Lively, they both can’t resist their charm. Now, let’s take stock of these 8 unfailing hairstyles for you.qq

Classic figure:Audrey Hepburn

Paraphrase: Hannah Simone

Audrey Hepburn’s updo hairstyle is more elegant and dignified, while Hannah Simone’s hair leaving on the temples makes her more lightsome and fashionable.
640 (12)

Classic representative:  Marilyn Monroe

Paraphrase: Rita Ora

Although they both have the blonde short curl, Marilyn Monroe’s curl is more retro, and Rita Ora’s is more modern.640 (13)

Classic representative:  Jerry Hall

Paraphrase: Georgia May Jagger

Afro curl shows the wild of women. It is very suitable for rock women like Jerry Hall and Georgia MayJagger.640 (14)

Classic representative:  Cher

Paraphrase: Model

Cher’s long black middle part hair makes her stand out from the numerous of the blonde, Model’s khaki hair also has the same effect.640 (21)

Classic representative:  Diana Ross

Paraphrase: Reem Acra

Both Afro curlsBlack curl is more sexy than ordinary blond curl. Only Diana Ross can deduce this hairstyle perfectly.640 (22)

Classic representative:  Mia Farrow

Paraphrase: Pixie Geldof

Girls with short hair is always the conspicuous figure no matter in which era. From Mia Farrow to Pixie Geldof,  they are both the trend leader.640 (23)

Classic representative:  Debbie Harry

Paraphrase: Suki Waterhouse

Only Debbie Harry and Debbie Harry can deduce the uniqueness of this wild hairstyle perfectly, right?

640 (24)

Classic representative: Veronica Lake

Paraphrase: Blake Lively

Retro wave is the most suitable hairstyle for blonde. So, Veronica Lake and Blake Lively are the best spokesperson of it.640 (25)

Classic Hairstyle:Finger Waved Hair Style

The finger waved hair style was made popular in the 1920’s as a fancy way to style the very modern and wildly popular bob hairstyle of the era.


Back in the 1920’s hair styling tools weren’t exactly what we know today, so back then they were created with wet hair, a load of hair gel, and fingers. You can still create them that way, if you have a great amount of skill, the better part of a day, and double jointed shoulders.


Today modern finger waves are worn for weddings and other special occasions, make a great addition to a Halloween costume (a 1920’s flapper or Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby), or to give yourself a little flair on a random Tuesday (which happens to be the case in these photos).

finger waved hair style

The great thing about modern finger waves is that you create them with a curling iron instead of your fingers. They will take some time, however, and a few practice runs before a big event will go a long way. You’ll also want to read through all of these instructions before getting started.

How to do a finger waved hair style?

1. Shower then towel dry hair

2. Run Frizz-Ease Curl Boosting Mousse through your hair.

3. Part hair into sections (I usually put them into 1 inch portions) and roll up sections with heatless hair rollers/hair roller pads

4. Ties hair with hairnet and go to sleep

5. Take rollers gently out the next day.

6. Your hair will be really curly and unruly because it has set. Get a boar bristle brush and very gently brush through hair. Your hair should set into large finger waves and your hair should be quite fluffy.

7. If you find yourself with too much fluff, just run some hair balm through your hair to tame it.

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